Business Ideas in the United Kingdom

Business Ideas in the UK 3E Accounting explores some new and trending business ideas in the UK for the savvy entrepreneur.

The year 2020 marked the start of a new decade and ushered in unprecedented changes. E-commerce dethroned high street and brick-and-mortal businesses, while traditional industries were forced to make way for new ones. There are loads of business ideas in the UK to choose from. The trick is to pick the ones that will suit your talent and skills.


Open for Business

The best ideas are often the simplest. When you are able to align your abilities with a sound business idea, then success will follow suit. Some sound strategy and hard work can net a sizable income for the diligent business person. It is also okay to try one business idea after another until you find one that works for you. This method will facilitate the best fit eventually, one that you will be happy to work with.

Working from home, remote working, freelance, small home business, online business, etc., are all trending. Here are some business ideas that are worth exploring. As added security, it is prudent to consider investing in some insurance for your new or existing home business.


Home Business Ideas

  • Repurposing and Upcycling Expert: if you’re handy with DIY, then upcycling old and discarded furniture can be a very lucrative income.
  • Cleaning & Domestic Chores Business: this includes, house cleaning, washing windows, carpet cleaning, ironing, and gardening and dog walking or grooming.
  • Freelance Content Writer: always in demand, especially for companies with a website. Having SEO (search engine optimization) and WordPress skills means you can charge more.
  • Handcrafted CBDs & Eco-Beauty Products: CBDs stand for creams, oils and edibles, and this sector is expected to hit GB1 billion by 2025. Based on using natural and sustainable products.


Online Business Ideas

  • Digital Consultant: ideal for those with IT skills. Companies need website creators and consultants who can design and maintain their online presence. Website testing services also help quantify a website’s digital footprint. Alternatively, try website flipping, a new trend that requires buying an existing website, upcycling it and selling it for a profit.
  • Video Production and Podcasting: online video content is on the rise and has the skills to film, cut and edit videos as well as hosting podcasts is certainly in demand.
  • Virtual or Personal Assistant: if your key strengths are secretarial, organizing and administration, then this an outsource service that is gaining in popularity.
  • Social Media Consultant or Influencer: advising companies and influencing conversions are not new ideas, but they are here to stay for a while. It’s not too late to jump onto this bandwagon.
    Online Misc.: includes affiliate marketing, dropshipping, coaching and tuition, online shop, fitness and yoga, etc.


Small to Medium Business Ideas

  • Food & Beverage Industry: pop-ups, private chef, catering and even meals-to-go are always in demand. Shared and licensed rental kitchens are a cheaper alternative to investing in a commercial kitchen and keeps the cost down. Do make sure you have the proper licenses and approvals before starting.
  • Care Services: includes childcare as well as domiciliary elderly care. This industry requires approvals such as Disclosure and Barring Service check and registration with the UK Homecare Association.
  • Planning Consultants: this includes weddings, events and party planning and can be IRL (in real life) or virtual. Having a good network of contacts is essential in this very social business idea.

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Business Ideas in the UK