Set Up a Data Centre in the UK

How to Set Up a Data Centre in the UK An informative and quick read from 3E Accounting on how to set up a data centre in the UK.

The United Kingdom is known as the gateway to Europe, and this holds true especially for internet traffic. As Europe’s largest colocation market, the UK data centre industry is forecast to reach USD8.4 billion by 2025. Most businesses these days have heavy IT operations, and data centres are essential for continuous functionality. Here are a few considerations on how to set up a data centre in the UK.


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For those old enough to remember, data centres really took off during the dot-com bubble in the late 90s. They were huge and expensive to build and maintain. As the technology evolved, so too did the need for business continuity. Data centres are now versatile and modular, a must for any business looking to maintain 100% uptime.

A data centre is a tech facility that houses IT equipment and operations – which includes hardware and software. Its purpose is to store, process and connect a business’ data, applications, information, etc. Setting up a data centre requires careful planning to ensure the best possible outcome and return on investment.

Research the types of technology on offer and decide whether to outsource or build your very own data centre. You should consider both existing facilities and what exactly your organisation needs in terms of how much data is handled.

This applies to whether it’s for your own business needs or to operate a data centre as a business. If you already have a data centre, you may want to consider expanding and upgrading. Scalability is crucial as businesses’ IT needs are growing exponentially. Otherwise, you may want to rent from existing data centre providers.

Data centre infrastructure is categorised into systems ranging from Tier 1 (simplest) to Tier 4 (most complex). The security, uptime, redundancy, and cost for each varies, and you should go with what suits your business best. Types of the data centre include:

  • Colocation data centres
  • Managed services or enterprise data centres
  • Cloud data centres
  • Edge, modular and hybrid data centres

The UK Government also has a Crown Hosting Data Centre that offers data centre hosting needs.

Other considerations include IT network, uptime, and enterprise security. If you’re starting a data centre business, consider registering your company, opening a bank account, renting serviced office space, etc. You may also need to engage professional help to ensure licencing and permits are in order. Data centres are stringently regulated in the UK and include such considerations as Emission Limit Values, permits for generators, etc. You may also need building and environmental permits, health and safety certifications, etc.

Data centres are essential to support your business’ IT infrastructure and operations. A data-driven environment can align business goals and pivot effectively towards future success in a digital economy. To know more about how to set up a data centre in the UK, get in touch with 3E Accounting. As an award-winning firm, we offer comprehensive and innovative business solutions for all your needs. Contact 3E Accounting today to work with global industry experts to make your business future-ready.

How to Set Up a Data Centre in the UK