Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Childminding Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Childminding Business in the United KingdomChildminding is a job where you look after people’s children. Unlike a children’s service, you look after the children in your own home in childminding. A childminder can be really useful to the parents who are occupied with work most of the time but also want their children to be home and safe. Thus, starting a childminding business in the UK is very profitable.

Childminders are well trained and qualified in dealing with and taking care of children. They also have the responsibility of taking children to and from school or other activity institutions. The job description sounds the same as a babysitter, doesn’t it? Well, the main difference between babysitting and childminding is that a babysitter’s a person who takes care of children on a temporary basis when the parents are not at home where a childminder takes care of and educates children during the absence of parents.

Childminders can care for no more than six children under eight years old. However, you don’t need any prior qualifications or experience to set yourself up as a childminder in the UK.


Industry Practice

Moreover, before starting a childminding business, you should take the government’s approval, unlike babysitting, which has no government intervention but is hired by parents’ approval only. We all know that nowadays, most mothers like to go back to work after their infants are of a certain age. Thus, the mothers will seek childminders in their area, and because of the government approval, childminders have more trust among the parents.

Also, one of the main benefits of starting a childminding business is its cost. There is not much investment because we don’t need to buy any new property or buy raw materials. Thus, it’s a low costing business which is always an advantage.


Business Registration Process for Childminding in the UK

Ofsted registers and regulates childminders. Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. It inspects services and provides education and skills for learners of all age groups.

The requirements for registration at Ofsted are suitable premises and equipment for safe child care. Other requirements include having an appropriate first aid qualification and a person having good knowledge of children’s safeguarding policy and procedures. Health Declaration Booklet and a mandatory DBS check are also important requirements for childminding. Other legal requirements for childminding business are:

  1. Registration with HMRC for tax and insurance purposes.
  2. Registration with the information commissioner’s office for data protection laws.
  3. Make sure you secure the necessary insurance for the business.

If you want any help registering your business, check UK company incorporation services.

Necessary Insurance for Starting a Childminding Business in the UK

You have to purchase liability insurance before starting a childminding business. You need to maintain it even if you are not currently taking care of any children. You also have to check your car insurance, including business use, if you are planning to transport children in your car.

For more on the business vehicles, see- a guide to company registration.

You may also need to review your home insurance because some companies charge additional premiums to include business use of insurance if you are childminding. Furthermore, an Ofsted registration, as mentioned earlier, is also a very important requirement.

You can take help from your UK corporate service provider to plan for your business.

What Are the Steps for Ofsted Registration?

Having a DBS criminal record check, i.e. checking criminal history, is the first step. The second step is completing the required childminding training. Training required to be a childminder includes mandatory first aid courses, hygiene training, safeguarding training, and many more, which we will discuss later. Applying to a correct Ofsted register is the third and very important step for registration. The Ofsted registers depend upon the age of the children you are planning to take care of. Preparing for your Ofsted visit is also a very important step. Following legal requirements for registrations is the last step you can to register as a childminder in the UK.


What Licences are Needed for Starting a Childminding Business??

Although you need no professional pediatric qualification for the registration of childminding business, you must have some qualifications. A qualification of child care which by your local council is one to start with. You can join two registers if you wish to enter a profession as a childminder, the Early Years Register and the Childcare Register, which depends on the range of age of the children you are planning to take care of.

Early years registrations applications must be made via Ofsted. Furthermore, the cost of registration depends upon the register you choose to sign. You will also need to complete an introductory training course.

A proper first Aid Level 3 training course is very important, and you also must retake the course every three years. You can take a whole 12 hours class or choose 6 hours online and 6 hours in the classroom, for that matter. A Paediatric First Aid Level 3 Course is mandatory for starting a childminding business in the UK.

One of the important qualifications while taking care of children of young age is a qualification of safeguarding children. This helps make sure the children are safe from serious injuries and accidents. It is also essential to take care of the children’s food, and the childminder must have proper understanding and training of food hygiene, which secures them from possible diseases and unwellness.

These are some of the most important qualifications you will need before starting a childminding business in the United Kingdom. As childminders are their own boss and run their own business, you have to make sure to register with the HM Revenue HMRC. This ensures that you’re paying the correct Income Tax and National Insurance for the business.

The Ofsted frequently inspects childminders. The gradings are further published on the Ofsted website. Many parents read these websites before choosing any childminder, so that’s something you should take care of because that is that reputation you will have as a childminder in the long run.



While starting a childminding business, managing the costs and keeping the childcare affordable to the customers should be one of your topmost priority Similarly, you should understand that running a childminding including business today is far beyond babysitting or nannying as first five years of a child’s life are the most important for language and processing skills. So, parents are looking for people who can provide their child mentoring and educate them from an early age.

You should partner with the cooperatives to help the employees achieve a good Work-life balance. Most companies today view childcare as an important tool to help them hire and retain the best talent. Therefore, corporate childcare is a type of service that employers sponsor for the exclusive benefit of their employees.



Similarly, the child care or childminding business should also clasp on technology like many other business franchises. Today providers are using social media, blogs, video streaming, and many other tools to stay in touch with the parents. New software is specially made for child care services which is a very initiative in the child care business and should go along with the trend for benefits in the long run.


Who Can’t Register as a Childminder in the United Kingdom?

Let’s also talk about the people who cannot register as a childminder in the UK. People under 18 officially cannot register as childminders. Relatives of the children can’t register as well. Furthermore, people without legal rights to work in the UK cannot register as well.

People who are prohibited from working with children can’t register. People who have been disqualified or have been refused registration in the past also cannot register for the childminding business in the UK although you can apply to waive your disqualification.

Starting a Childminding Business in the United Kingdom


If none of these come your way, you are free to register for your childminding services in the UK. In conclusion, a childminding business in the Uk is a great way of starting a business with less cost and more profit, and if you are planning on it, you should definitely go for it. You can contact 3E Accounting if you are looking for professional help for starting your business. We will help from getting your visa to completing the registration and applying for the licenses.