Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Mobile Beautician Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Mobile Beautician Business in the United KingdomIt isn’t a surprise that the United Kingdom’s beauty industry is worth £27 billion. For one, the country houses some of the leading beauty brands, and at the same time, its people have high purchasing power who are aware of their looks and hygiene. Furthermore, a supportive business climate makes starting a mobile beautician business an exciting thing to look forward to


What Is a Mobile Beautician Business

A mobile beautician business is a small beautician business. Mobile beauticians provide services either on their or their clients’ houses or by renting spaces in other salons. Furthermore, they may offer specialised services, for example, at weddings or video shoots.

With the COVID-19 taking hits on jobs, starting a mobile beautician business has been a path taken by most beauty professionals. The small-scale and high promises for profits has made the business idea really popular among those who want to work independently.


Mobile Beautician Business Trends

Before talking about the registration, let’s look into some interesting trends which are set to
change the face of the beauty industry in the following years:

Skinification of Makeup

With people being more health-conscious, one emerging beauty trend is skinification of make-up. Skinification refers to using traditional beauty products such as foundation and concealer that don’t have negative effects on the skin. In other words, skinification means taking care of your body even when using makeup and beauty products.

Retro Inspired Makeup Looks

The COVID-19 made people stay inside their houses, and it changed the way we live. This also reflected on makeup and beauty, as more opted for natural-looking, low-maintenance looks last year and got super creative with bold hair colours. This will continue in 2021, with many turning their backs on heavy-handed make-up looks. We could also say that minimalism is going to be many people’s choice.

Elevated Beauty Products

Again continuing with the effects of the COVID-19, many customers turned their bathrooms into spa and wellness centres. First, the virus made people more self-aware about their health. Also, after getting the opportunity to look after themselves, people became warier about the products they are using. Thus, if you are starting a mobile beautician business in the United Kingdom, you may have to invest quite some money in the best products.

It’s All About the Eyes

It isn’t really surprising that eyes will play a bigger role in beauty in the upcoming years, given that we will still be using face masks for some time. You may find yourself helping a lot of customers with matte skin, colourful graphics and eyeliners in your sessions. Furthermore, as people are wearing masks, liquid lipsticks may become a trend again. After all, people are looking for things that can be highlighted and don’t fall easily, even when using face masks.


The Process for Starting a Mobile Beautician Business

Now that you know the trends, let us discuss the actual process of starting a beautician business:

Create a Business Plan

Just like starting any business, the first step in starting a mobile beautician business is writing a solid business plan. The plan works as a pathway to success, telling you the steps you need to take to be successful.

Your business plan should include factors like your prospects, the market in your area, and the trends. Also, having Plan B while your first plan doesn’t work can help you remain calm even in the worst-case scenarios.

Register Your Company

While registering a company, the first thing to consider is the type of business. You could open a sole proprietorship, partnership, or a limited company in the United Kingdom. The first two structures are simple, but a limited company will help you keep your personal funds secure.

Since you are opening a mobile business, you can register a sole proprietorship. Similarly, you can decide to open a home-based business. For more information on registering a company, check the guide to company registration in the United Kingdom.

Find Your Unique Selling Point

In other words, you have to find a way to make your business stand out. The United Kingdom is one of the best locations for growing beauty businesses. However, this also means that you may have to face a lot of competition. Getting into the market with a speciality or service niche can help spread the word about you.

Remember to spend some time on your USP, as this is also the focal point of your branding. What makes you different? It could be your customer service, your staff, or your prices. Also, you need to choose a niche; for example, you can specialise in hair or classic retro looks.

Find Your Distributors

Distributors are essential, even for a micro beautician business. Since you are a small business, you would prefer getting items at affordable prices. You will need to start with basic things such as chairs, shampoos, creams, brushes, foundations, or other makeup items.

As we talked about how people are expecting only the best products, you may need to find wholesale distributors who can offer you items for cheap. Sticking with a distributor is good, but you need to have an alternative seller in the changing market. Consider all the important factors like prices, customer support, item quality, etc.

Choose the Right Location

A home-based business could be good enough if your community allows it. Ideally, it should have a good population and transportation infrastructure. But remember, your surroundings aren’t the only place where you could find clients. Target a specific location where you see a lot of potential clients.

Another thing to do is to stay as far as you can from competitors. Of course, you will need your skills to do the talking, but when you are starting, it is a good idea to stay further from others who have more experience than you. Of course, later on, you will be one of those ‘big guys’ that others are afraid of when you have a solid client base.

Developing a Client Base

Did you know that retaining a customer is more budget-friendly than finding a new customer? Every successful company, big or small, has been making good money because they can keep their clients with them. Furthermore, word of mouth and referral from existing customers have always been the best ways for finding new clients.

When starting, you can look for specific types of clients. For example, you can offer wedding or photoshoot makeup services. Using the internet, essentially by using Social Media, you can find your first customer, and if you want, you can also invest in a website. Don’t be afraid; if you are confident of your quality, all that money is coming back to you. However, don’t forget to take feedback to improve your services even more.

Don’t Be Afraid to Charge Your Worth

No, just because you are starting a mobile beautician business doesn’t mean you can’t charge your worth. In fact, being afraid to charge the required amount is one of the biggest challenges of small businesses.

Of course, when starting, your prices can be a little lower than others in your area. As you build better skills and branding, no one will question your worth. Remember, when starting, you are looking for prices that others are offering in the area, but once you build your records, you get to have a say.

Starting a beauty business may require some guidance and help, especially during the registration process. As you need to get the licences and register for the taxes as well, the whole process can be overwhelming to you. Thus, it will help if you avail of company incorporation in United Kingdom services.


What Licences Do I Need?

Especially since beauty products can directly influence someone’s health, the requirements of the licence are stringent. Furthermore, they are based on the services you wish to offer.

First things first, all your products should obtain hazard sheets from the manufacturer to minimise issues like exposed wires. You may also want to contact the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Essentials to assess the safety of the beauty products you will be using.

In England, if you want to use lasers or intense pulsed light systems, you need to register with the Care Quality Commission. Similarly, you will need to register with the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, or the Care Commission, and the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety elsewhere.

If you wish to operate from your home, you will need to contact your mortgage provider, landlord, local planning office, or the local council. Ensure that your home-based business doesn’t disturb your neighbours in any way.

Other licences you may need include:

  • Licence to play background music (All UK)
  • Public space surveillance (CCTV) licence
  • Massage and special treatments, therapist registration (England & Wales)
  • Permission to place tables and chairs on the pavement
  • Licence to place furniture on the pavement
  • Pavement or street display licence
  • Voluntary registration as a state-registered hairdresser
  • Massage and special treatments premises licence
  • Hairdresser registration

Remember, it is mandatory to at least contact a lawyer or a corporate service provider in the UK to ensure compliance. They can also help you with the insurances you may need.

Starting a Mobile Beautician Business in the United Kingdom



Starting a mobile beautician business can be a great way to use your skills and build your brand. Furthermore, the United Kingdom is one of the best locations for beauty businesses to thrive. However, the process for registration and licences can be difficult, but you can always call for help.

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