Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Post Office Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Post Office Business in the United KingdomStarting a Post office business is challenging due to the steady decline of post office business over the last decade. Rural post offices and other retail facilities were difficult to sustain as rural towns changed in nature. As a consequence of online payment, direct personal banking, and email payments, the need for post office services dropped. With the availability of stamps in retail outlets, traditional post offices compete with click and collect services.

Post offices introduced travel insurance, banking services, lottery tickets, and scratch cards to transcend competition. Banking services utilization and accessibility are made convenient in the UK. The Computerized post office network allowed agencies to perform electronic transactions. It added variety and improved post office functions and operations to deliver efficient services.

In June 2011, the Postage Services Bill provided the existing network of 11,500 branch offices with £1,34 billion financing. The Post Office Transformation Program allowed post offices to operate longer hours even on Sundays and conduct post office and retail. Most local post offices, such as a news agency or convenience shop, now run from a retail company. The Association of Convenience Stores states that additional help is necessary since the model is unstable as more losses occur.

Despite reforms, the National Federation of SubPostmasters voiced that government effort is insufficient in providing government services via postal services. The NFSP applauded the government’s renewal of the Post Office card after its expiry in March 2015. However, according to the Federation, public services offered by the post office continue to deteriorate. This article is a 3E Accounting guide to company registration for prospective businesses planning on starting a post office business!


What Is a Post Office Business?

Post office businesses offer services including mailing services, benefits payment, banking, and other services. The operational models for post offices follow the Post Office Network Transformation program. The local post offices are modest offices offering narrow postal services to clients but are open for extended hours. In contrast, main postal offices are larger and provide a wide range of postal services for more hours than the conventional post office.

Depending on services, a post office business is lucrative. In addition to the sale of stamps, post offices also sell office supplies. They include additional equipment, such as photocopying, faxing and internet services. Furthermore, lottery ticket machines in post office facilities make it profitable.


Business Registration

The final procedure of company incorporation in starting a post office business in the UK is business registration. To create a fresh new business, you must register with Companies House. To choose several options, you also need a SIC that describes the business’ main activity. Your local business registration office address in the UK is a statutory requirement to create a company.

You will also register for Corporation Tax when you register with Companies House. You obtain a certificate of incorporation after verifying the business’s legal existence and your company number on the creation date. For registration, personal information, including your ancestry, telephone number, national insurance number, and passport number, is necessary. The registration fee is £12, payable by debit or credit or Paypal account.

The original form of many firms in the UK, because of the nature of start-ups, is a single trader. It is the most accessible option to start up a new company. However, you may move to a business partnership or limited company as your business expands. 3E Accounting can help you pick a suitable business structure when starting up a business in the UK.

In terms of profitability and flexibility, the advantages and drawbacks of a single trader emphasize the subject of operations alone. It is a challenge in terms of significant risk in personal accountability and generates capital and investments. Limited companies should be linked with Companies House and registered for a charge. Your personal and corporate data are also publicly published.


Licenses & Permits

The licenses that you require rely on the variety of retail operations on which you intend. You need to register with your local environmental health agency if your company stores, sells, and maybe prepares food. They check your premises and assist you in fulfilling the Food Safety Act obligations.

A Post Office license is essential to be a sub-postmaster. It should not be a problem if you have no criminal records and have not declared bankruptcy. Your contract shall be between you and Post Office counters terminable by three months. The National Federation of Subpostmasters negotiates contracts and imposes no age restriction withdrawal nor license-holding time limit. The post office delivers a booklet to sub-postmasters weekly detailing modifications made to the daily functioning of the postal company.

Businesses selling alcohol require an alcohol license. The laws on alcohol selling governing Scotland, England, and Wales require a personal license. A premises license from the local council is essential for every establishment selling alcohol. There are a few off-sale licenses in Northern Ireland and no new off-sale licenses grants.

Retailers selling tobacco in Scotland must register with the Tobacco Retailers Register. On the Scottish Tobacco Retailers website, you may log in online. In Northern Ireland, where registration is with the Belfast City Council, a similar requirement exists. Additionally, if you want to sell fireworks in Great Britain outside the regular season, you need a fireworks sales license.

3E Accounting is a corporate service provider in the United Kingdom that helps with business regulations you plan to operate alongside your postal service. You can contact our team if you need more information on licenses and how to attain them.


How to Grow a Post Office Business?

Do Market Research

Your market research allows you to discover local requirements and provides some direction about several items and services to offer. You may consider storing goods like local food, drink specialties, or rural craft in an area with tourists. Put your counter towards the rear of your shop so that the client can see all products.

You have to check the income from postal transaction fees and retail activities when purchasing a post office. For the last 12 months, the sales information will indicate the past revenues from the post office and the shop. Otherwise, you may set up an entirely new retail and post office business or joint postal service and retail firm. Contact 3E Accounting for business recommendations and market research analysis.

Services Offered

The whole postal network offers more than 170 different services to its clients, although not all postal agencies do. You can deal with customers withdrawing bank pensions and benefits or a post office account with stamps and postal services. You may provide specific services, including bill payment, house and vehicle insurance, e-top mobile phones, and exchange facilities. The customer awareness of provided services can make full use of your business.

Many postal companies offered little wool to DIY products, alongside ordinary shops, until the modern post office model’s introduction. Supermarkets and other suppliers have experienced intensive competition from existing competitors and market gaps. In rural regions, consumers have no option to take care of convenience or top-up shopping. You may consider storing items that meet the consumer’s healthy range needs or organic or local products.

Undergo Training

Post office trains newly appointed postmasters. The course covers induction training, on-site training, ongoing help, and training for new business transactions. The individual you employ is your responsibility, and you must let the postal service know who they are. You must preserve the premises correctly in the postal service.

Your firm must be neat, clean and professionally fitted on a business basis. Consumers have become acclimated to high supermarket standards, and selling top-quality items in the retail section is vital. Pay attention specifically to fresh products like bread, fruit, vegetables, and flowers and offer high-level client services. The employees must be highly trained, intelligent, and adaptable to guarantee that business operations are efficient and productive.

Advertise Services

Whatever services you choose to offer, you and your product lines need to reach your potential consumers. Maximize the window display potential and highlight lengthy opening hours or 24-hour openings outside your location. You may use your window for special deals, advertisements, and promotions to highlight any new products or services. A prepared brochure or leaflets can help you promote your business more.

Using social media to market your company enhances brand personality, connects with clients, and explains product benefits or offers. Without employing a web development company, you may generate advertisements, communicate with consumers and offer specials. Start with establishing a company profile and carefully picture your company by selecting terms. Stay active and address the questions of consumers swiftly by blogging regularly.

Incorporate Technology

You may improve your business considerably using web-based technology. Technology enhances market share, reduces expenses, improves productivity, and eliminates issues with customer service. It supports up-to-date technological progress and ensures organizational advantages. Production tools range from tablets to off-shop software solutions or bespoke apps for the company.

Externalizing can be a cost-effective strategy to concentrate on what you do best as a firm and increase production. Understanding what drives cost and profit helps in logistics, the accounts, salary, public relations, or IT. The evaluation of existing operations and expenses is vital before you begin. You must know key factors generating income and which raise expenditure and impact productivity.

Starting a Post Office Business in the United Kingdom