Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Tanning Centre Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Tanning Centre Business in the United KingdomNowadays, the latest lifestyle trends allow people to become their best versions, investing in their physical appearances without exposing themselves outdoors. Tanning in beauty salons has explicitly been in demand due to its convenience in time and tranquility, especially for those who experience sun hysteria. Thus, Starting a Tanning Centre Business in the United Kingdom would be cost-effective in the market as long as you pay attention to the details while venturing into the industry.

Setting up a tanning business requires a descriptive and realistic business plan, including the regulations and prerequisites of the establishment itself. Here’s a practical guide in running safe tanning and solutions with responsible service.


What Is a Tanning Centre Business?

Starting a Tanning Centre Business overviews skin beautification and artificial tanning services. Business owners are well-educated with both processes of spray tan application and UV-bed light tanning. This practice accentuates individuals who want to improve their skin appearance, sometimes treat specific skin conditions, or even try out on holiday tans most favored in western countries.

Many tanning salons provide package memberships monthly or annual to complement the sessions. It also offers retail products such as skin bronzing lotions, lotions, and sunscreens.

Basic Materials to Cover

Ensure that the property dimensions suit your budget and the types of clients you would serve. Then, you’ll have to purchase or own these essential items as you start your established business.

  • Upgraded electrical for tanning beds
  • Eye protection & cleaning materials
  • Spay tan systems
  • Various solutions in different shades and brands
  • Extraction unit & master kit

Prerequisites and Factors to Consider

Opening a salon requires extensive research and critical information. Oftentimes, tanning with no proper procedures would have adverse effects on the clients. Remember to follow the advice of skin experts and dermatologists, especially in terms of risks in UV exposure. You should acquire mastery and certification in demonstrating your tanning practices before offering services. Some certifications include National Spray Tanning Professional Association (NSTPA), National Tanning Training Institute (NTTI), and Sun is Life Training and Certification.

Staff Requirements

The number of people you would need to employ depends on the range of your business (if you offer added services). However, you need to hire at least consultants, well-trained tanning individuals, instructors, and cleaning groups to ensure a pleasant and convenient tanning service. The details of your staffing and directory board are requisites in company registration in the UK. So, make sure that everyone in the management is educated in regards to the safe and efficient practice of equipment.


Tanning Centre Business Registration Process

To secure your establishment, you need to set up the type of business and staffing recruitment you’re planning to manage first. Founding a business is manageable but does require a lot of work. That is why most sole traders and collaborative people in business contact company incorporation services for a fast and accurate business registration process. It helps them manage accounting responsibilities and separate financing prerequisites, thus understanding the guidelines and position of liability.

As a sole trader, you need to register first in HMRC, and you would need to file a tax return every year through self-assessment. This includes keeping your business financial report. Naming your business does not require registration. And applying for VAT is also admissible if your turnover is over £85,000. Contact 3E Accounting for a reliable and secure way of Starting a Tanning Centre Business.

Meanwhile, registration of limited companies is usually performed by agents or professionals. But here are some details you could follow:

  • File accounts and Company Tax Return.
  • Storage of company guidelines.
  • Article of associations.
  • An agreement between the shareholders in terms of the transaction prerequisites.

You could register your business online, via post, through an agent, or through the services offered by 3E Accounting. You would have to submit basic informational needs, including your name and other necessary documents, memorandum, and articles of association. Better if you prepared it beforehand.


Licenses and Permits Needed in a Tanning Centre Business

Now that you have the fundamentals of Starting a Tanning Centre Business in the United Kingdom, keep yourself informed with the regulations in tanning salon companies as per the Birmingham British Council:

  • Licensed facilities of ultraviolet tanning equipment, conditioned by the maximum exposure levels in sessions.
  • Health and Safety Executive are issued warning notices and guidance notes.
  • Medical conditions and compliant sunbed tubes.

Other licenses or permits you need to acquire varies on the activities you would like to consider, but here are the secondary requirements you entail:

  • Notification to process personal data from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
  • Massage and special treatments, therapist registration documents (added services)
  • Permission to place tables and chairs on the pavement (if applicable)
  • Pavement or street display license (England and Wales)
  • Public space surveillance (CCTV) license, music permits (if applicable)
  • Other permit and licenses certifications to be issued by the local authority

Keep in mind that registering and permitting your business in the United Kingdom would help you employ insurance and make it legally recognized. So it would be most secure to ask assistance from the leading UK corporate service provider, ensuring that your business process is fair and constitutional.


Advertising & Marketing Your Tanning Business

Having the finest and quality-assured equipment is among the leading factors of exceptional service for your clients. Still, you have to market your newly established tanning first and attract potential long-term customers. A good marketing strategy is appealing but does not overwhelm the target audience. The right amount of exposure will help you emerge in the market.

Consider expressing presence in both print and online, applying the elements of graphics and public relations. Some helpful tips include referral programs, contribution to the online community, presenting relevant recommendations and information, and brochures.

Starting a Tanning Centre Business in the United Kingdom