What to Know About the August Bank Holiday

August Bank HolidayThe August Bank Holiday is at the end of summer. In this 3-day weekend, a lot of people make short trips or go on holidays to see their family and friends in the UK.

The government offices and many businesses will be closed during this holiday. The majority of shops and restaurants are open. For workers, the 3-day break is the last time they can enjoy summer. There are many events during this holiday, so people will always find entertainment whenever they want.

You will learn more about this holiday as you read this post.


What is the August Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom All About?

The August Bank Holiday is also the Summer Bank Holiday. Originally, it was on a Scottish date for the entire UK, but it was in 1971 when a five-year trial period happened that permanently moved to the last Monday of August.

It was instituted in the Bank Holidays Act 1871, so the bank clerks and people had a day to relax. It is not connected to holidays like Christmas. This holiday gives workers a weekend three days before the end of the summer holidays, and employees should return to work and students to school.

It was Sir John Lubbock who was responsible for seeing the Bank Holidays Act of 1871 to be enacted. The holidays the Act secured were named “St. Lubbock Days” unofficially.

The August Bank Holiday is for a time to get out of the house and go on vacation. Since a lot of the citizens travel all over the UK, it can be a hectic period when it comes to traffic, within or outside the UK.

In the UK, most shops stay open, but their operating hours may be reduced to Sunday standards. That means they are only open for 6 hours. However, some stores shut down over the weekend, and schools and most non-retail businesses are mostly closed. There is public transportation, but it follows the reduced schedule.


How to Celebrate August Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom and Things to Do

  • You can go to the pub and drink a pint of beer, and join those people who are celebrating this 3-day weekend. You will meet a lot of people during this time, and party with them.
  • There is the Notting Hill Carnival that you can check out. The festival started in 1966. The British West Indian Community members have a joyous expression, and they attract over a million visitors yearly. Today, it has a multicultural celebration, and it attracts over 2 million tourists and locals every year. It is popular for being the 2nd largest street carnival in the world. There was a public disorder that occurred in the past, but it has improved over the recent years.
  • If you love beaches, you can visit any of them in Britain. They will not be warm soon. You can try Woolacombe Beach, Weymouth Beach, Rhossili Bay, or Fistral Beach.
  • There is live music to watch! You can attend festivals up and down the UK this weekend. Some of the good ones are Leeds and Reading Festival, Liverpool International Music Festival, and Manchester Pride.
  • The Edinburgh International Festival is the main event, which started in 1947. There is dancing, music, and dramatic performances that come from all parts of the world.

Since 2004, this festival gives access to art galleries all over Edinburgh with tours and special exhibits.


How August Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom is Celebrated

  • Approximately 4.5 million people enjoy an overnight holiday during the August Bank Holiday. In Ireland, Wales, and England, Good Friday and Christmas Day were traditional days from the rest of the religious and cultural perspectives. Therefore, it was not necessary to include this in the Act.
  • It is celebrated in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Scotland celebrates it during the beginning of the month because they still follow the old tradition.


Venues and Special Events for Celebrating August Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom

Notting Hill Carnival

This is probably the main August Bank Holiday event in the entire UK, which is located in Portobello Road. This is the largest street festival in all of Europe, which draws 2 million attendees every year, and it is the 2nd largest street carnival. It was founded in 1964 by the Caribbean community of London to celebrate their culture, and it still has a Caribbean touch until today. During this event, there is a lot of fun, beautiful and vibrant costumes, and a big parade to watch and enjoy.


Listen to London’s famous summer festivals of music and art, which includes the South West Four. You can also learn about different music with the big instrument collection of The Royal Academy of Music Museum and the Horniman Museum.

Thames at Night

See the Illuminated River art installation where a lot of London’s bridges are lit at night. You should use your camera to get the perfect shot.

There are exhibitions, workshops, and events at the Totally Thames festival that is hosted across London. It happens in the entire of September, and a couple of installations happen during the August Bank Holiday Weekend.

You can visit the UK during this 3-day weekend and have a lot of fun. The information here is very useful to guide you on what to do or where to go during public holiday’s in the UK.


August bank Holiday in the United Kingdom