Election Day in the United Kingdom

Election DayElection Day is an official paid holiday in the United Kingdom, for full-time and regular employees in the UK. The full-time staff is entitled to receive nine paid holidays in the UK, aside from 4 days of “bonus” days, which are normally approved as paid leave between Christmas and New Year.

In the 2020-2021 academic year, there are four additional paid bonus days for staff members in regular positions who are part of the academic area.

Aside from that, this holiday is spent relaxing and doing other things aside from paying attention to the elections. If you want to know more about this day, you should read more.


What is Election Day in the United Kingdom All About?

UK voters go to the polls to choose 650 parliament members, which determines the future of the current Prime Minister and Labor leader. They expect the election to have a high turnout. They open polling stations at 7 am, and it closes at 10 pm. That is when they will most likely see the first results of the election. On the day of elections, the most famous figures at the polls are the dogs.

While politicians wait for the final results, the dogs at the polling stations capture the attention of many people. There are labs, setters, collies, retrievers, shepherds, and spaniels getting exercise while their owners use their right to vote.

Anyone who is at least 18 can vote, should be a British citizen or is a qualified citizen of the Republic of Ireland or Commonwealth, and registered to vote. People do not need a polling card if they want to vote but would have to give their name and address at their local polling station. They can only vote for one candidate, or their ballot will not be valid.

This is what the election is about in the United Kingdom.


How to Celebrate Election Day in the United Kingdom and Things to Do

  • Binge-Watch

    This is a good distraction to immerse yourself in a while waiting for the election results. If you are watching a series or looking for a new show to watch, you can use this time to catch up on your favorite show. There are so many shows to watch if you have not started anything, and you will easily find something entertaining.

  • Exercise

    You can get your blood pumping while coping with the election jitters. You can do a simple 20-minute workout that helps you destress and tackle the rest of your day feeling fresh. If you do not know how to go about this, you can watch home workout videos if you do not feel like going outdoors. In case you do, you can plan a jogging route while listening to music on your phone as you go.

  • You Can Volunteer at the Polls

    Sometimes, those at the polling stations have a hard time using the large ballot paper and voting device, so they might need somebody to help them. They can ask you to help guide people towards the entrance, polling booth, desk, and ballot box. They might also ask you to vote on behalf of someone.

You should be their polling station staff or companion. If you are their immediate family and above 18 years old, or a qualified elector, and can vote.

  • Catch Up With Friends

    You can spend this time meeting a friend for coffee, lunch, or dinner. You will be able to reminisce on old times and just talk about anything under the sun. If there are a lot of things on your mind, you can share things that bother you since it is a friend you trust. At least you were able to talk to someone who you have not seen for a long time.


How Election Day in the United Kingdom is Celebrated

Since Britain follows a parliamentary democracy, the voters do not elect the country leaders directly. What the Brits do is elect members of the parliament at the level of the constituency. Those members are from different parties. The party with the most seats after the election is the winner, and the leader becomes the Prime Minister.

In case the party has no majority after the election ballots are counted, then the one with the biggest share of votes will hold the coalition talks to see if they can win the majority if they team up with another party. The legislation can only qualify and pass the House of Commons if the majority of lawmakers support them.


Venues and Special Events for Celebrating Election Day in the United Kingdom

After the results are declared, the people celebrate the winners in their homes, on the streets, or even on social media. If your candidate won, it is a reason to celebrate either on your own, with friends or family who also voted for him or her.

Election day is exciting because you do not know yet who will be the next parliament’s people. You should make this day interesting while waiting for the results.


Election Day in the United Kingdom