Celebrating Late May Bank Holiday

Late May Bank HolidayLate May Bank Holiday in the UK is a secular holiday, and it is a day when a lot of the government offices, schools, and businesses are closed. It is always celebrated on the last Monday of May. When it was first created, it was on the Monday after Pentecost, which is also called Whit Monday.

Eventually, the Banking and Financial Dealings Act of 1971 moved it to the last Monday of May. It is a day in the year when a lot of people use this day for vacation or spend time with loved ones.

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What is the Late May Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom All About?

The Late May Bank Holiday in the UK a religious celebration now was original because of the Pentecost, which means it is the 50th day after Easter Sunday and the 7th Sunday after that. Based on the records of the New Testament, Whit Sunday is a commemoration of the Holy Spirit coming down as flames that the apostles received. Even if this holiday took the place of Whitsuntide weekend and it does not happen on the same weekend as the dates of the church, some people still call it White Monday or Whit weekend.

It is the first bank holiday weekend in a year with the hopes of having great weather. Some of the old traditions still celebrate White sun Ale with country fairs, rolling cheese competitions, music, and sporting events celebrated after Charles 2nd was restored. He was born on Whit Weekend’s first Monday, and he was famous for reinstating merry-marking when the civil war ended.

The UK has a lot of customs and traditions that they do in order to commemorate this day.  Different parts of the UK have their own style of celebration that is inspired by this holiday’s history.


How to Celebrate Late May Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom and Things to Do

  • Join the race – You can enter the Cheese-Rolling race in Cooper Hill. In this small British village in Brockworth, people climb at the top of Cooper’s Hill and chase large wheels of cheese down the hill. This is a world-famous event, and it organically happens. They just have a short preparation, but the event is dangerous, and no one wants to be liable.
  • Wear your dancing shoes – The Britain Bank Holidays are famous for the nightlife it brings. The clubs have large line-ups with world-class artists, bands, and DJs. They take advantage of this day off and decide to also open on Sundays.
  • Go to a festival – There are a couple of festivals that happen on this day. One of them is the Hay Festival of Literature and Arts, which has been happening every year since 1988. You will experience iterations of festivals around the world. It originally ran from May 26 to June 5. It brings writers from all over the world to share stories and debate on important topics.
  • Visit the local park – Since it is a secular holiday, it is normally a time to catch with friends and family while you can enjoy being off from work or school.


How Late May Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom is Celebrated

The White sun Ales are called as well after local pubs or breweries sponsored them, and it is not a beer’s name. However, a few are consumed on this holiday weekend. The Late May Bank Holiday weekend also has brass parades followed by the locals, and still doing traditional White walks around the hometowns and villages.

During this holiday, the majority of people enjoy a rest day from work or school, and they spend time with their friends and family by going outdoors or to the coast. You will smell the air filled with the aroma of barbeque, and the atmosphere has a touch of summer coming. The local parks will have a lot of picnic parties and children strolling, and normally the local eateries and pubs have a roasting trade. Some stores will be open depending on their customs, and public transport is open for a holiday service.

In different parts of England, there are normally street festivals and carnivals you can enjoy on a Late May Bank Holiday. For instance, the Street Feast at Kingston Road and Canalway Calvacade.

There are usually a lot of events around and on Cooper Hill in Brockworth, Gloucestershire on this day. One of them is the Cheese-Rolling and Wake in Cooper Hill. This event starts with a 7 to 9 pound Double Gloucester wheel that is shaped like a cheese wheel, and it is rolled down Cooper’s Hill. Once it is in motion, the contestants race with it. The person who beats the cheese and crosses the finish line will be awarded the prize.


Venues and Special Events for Celebrating Late May Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom

Staffordshire, Endon

The villagers design their well and hold a village celebration while crowning a girl who is also the Well Dressing Queen. The local men have a competition called the “Tossing the Sheaf,” where they compete on the highest bale of straw throwers.

Abbotsbury, Dorset

Flower garlands are placed in boats and put out to the sea, where they give a blessing to bring luck for the season of fishing. Since there are no fishing boats left in Abbotsbury, the children will parade the village’s garlands.

There are many things to do in the UK on this holiday and ways to celebrate that you will find fascinating. You can go there to experience it personally.

Late May Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom