Logo Design Services in the United Kingdom

3E Accounting can help you identify your brand to the world with logo design services in the UK.

A logo is a small symbol or unique design that encapsulates the identity of your business or company. It can be stylised, abstract, plain, figurative or even a graphic mark. Its primary role is quite simply to identify a brand, product, service or even a person, at a glance. Despite being a very visual object, logos are a strategic means to an end. Getting the best logo design services in the UK is well worth every penny.

3E Accounting can help you identify your brand to the world with logo design services in the UK.


The Art of Identifying

Logos and branding material are a necessity whether your business is new, or your company is looking for a facelift. First impressions count and your business’ logo is usually what people see first. You will find logos on signboards, name cards, business stationery, websites, etc. It is considered by many as the beginning of brand strategy, boosted by carefully planned advertising and marketing.

Well-made logos can give your company an instant brand identification. Just one look will be enough to speak volumes. Poor logo design, on the other hand, can do more damage than its worth. Unless you are a graphic designer with logo design experience, avoid doing it yourself. You will get a better return on investment from hiring a professional agency and getting it right the first time around.

Ideally, logos should be timeless, simple and ingenious. It should sum up a company’s business story, transcend boundaries and project a powerful expression of your ideals. Creating the perfect brand identity requires experienced designing as well as strategic creativity. It is a tall order for a simple symbol and requires experienced agencies, like 3E Accounting, to get the job done.

Agencies that offer reliable logo design services will usually start the process by getting to know your business. What you do, who your target market is as well as what the competition is like will help build a picture. The design brief then moves on towards idea generation both on paper as well as software such as Photoshop or InDesign. This ensures scalability and the ability to deliver the end product in a variety of formats.

Concept designs are then provided for improvement or changes. Creating the ideal design will take some time and revision. The final logo should be a symbol that visualises your company’s overall vision mission. You should also ensure that the copyright of the logo is handed over to you as well. Expert logo design can send out the right message, one that has the capacity for instant brand recognition. It becomes a part of your brand storyboard, which can include corporate profiles, websites, letterheads, etc.

Creating your complete corporate identity is a business-centric decision that starts with the right logo design. 3E Accounting offers customisable solutions, including logo design services in the UK that will take your business to the next level. Our team of professionals, along with our affiliates and partners, will work with you every step of the way. Contact 3E Accounting today to get started on creating a recognisable global presence that’s unique to you.

Logo Design Services in the UK