Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Moldova Company Formation

Moldova Company Formation The Moldova company formation has a significant amount of business taxation reduction, without acting beyond the legal field. The entrepreneurship field gets protection from the government. Also, business owners have the chance to report a simplified legal system. Opening a company has been made simple, only the data of a business owner’s foreign passport are needed for the trustees.


Moldova Company Formation Process

If you want to open an offshore business in Moldova, you can choose from a company that is offered, or register a new company. Then, this can complete in 10 days or less.

After deciding, you must pay for the re-registration services and obtaining the property rights. Then, you must consider the Private Financial Services act that employees must only act in their client’s favour. These employees must give an attractive offer, which is 50% of the service’s total amount. The client might want to pay the rest while his company has successfully finished the registration process, and receives the documents that confirm it.

After data collection, they give complete document packages. The new company information should file upon registration. Then PFSER specialists relay the originals of the Memorandum of Understanding and Articles of Association to the client. They send it using the DHL postal service. It will allow quick securities transfer no matter where on earth.


Limited Liability Company

It is not so different from other Limited Liability companies. It is a very common business organization form and joint-stock companies. The Moldova company formation can be set up by one or more persons if the capital is at least MDL 5,400, and at least 40% of it must be for pre-registration. The remaining amount should pay in a term of 6 months, after registration. The members are liable to pay for any debts and obligations of the company.


Fees and Costs

If certain property like real estate or technological equipment is introduced as part of the share capital, then the valuation act should be annexed after it is signed.

The registration cost in a period of 5 days is 544 MDL. This includes all fees for registration and State Registration Chamber services. For a 1-day registration, the cost is 965 MDL. These are also the costs of Moldova company formation.

Moldova Company Formation


Why Set Up a Business in Moldova?

  • Prestigious European space. In just 1 to 10 days, you can already start a company. Then, you just need the full-fledged enterprise that works within the European territory. The international market entry is a crucial step for all organizations that want to increase sales volumes, and improve activity efficiency.
  • Auditing release. The accounted transactions will show in the company’s documents and stay within the firm. There is no need to submit statements that government authorities need and to do auditing. Therefore, the legislation of Moldova does not require foreign companies to accomplish this kind of activity.
  • There is a loyal taxation law. Therefore, companies in Moldova are using zero rates. To apply, it is important to perform just one condition – to conduct activity outside Moldova. All transactions, operations, and contracts are included with citizens from other countries, and with individuals who are non-residents.
  • Banking structure is also flexible. The PFSER specialists have enough knowledge and capacity to assist business owners to open a bank account with any bank.
  • here is governmental support and reliable protection. All country assets receive state-level protection. The private financial assets and founders’ property do not go through taxation processes.
  • They have a perfect investment climate. The European laws are only applicable within the country that draw in foreign and local investments, as well as guarantee the security of funds they have earned and invested.

Moldova Company Formation

You can contact 3E Accounting if you need assistance in setting up a business in Moldova, and we will help you out. Moldova company formation is surely a worthwhile investment for you.