Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Paraguay Company Formation

Paraguay Company Formation Paraguay’s economy is continuing to blossom. Actually, now is the right time to establish a formidable business presence and reap the rewards for many more years to come. If you’re looking forward to establishing any venture in Paraguay, it’s important for you to understand the relevant laws and legislation governing Paraguay company formation to create the right entity. At 3E Accounting, we specialize in helping both locals and foreign start legal entities in Paraguay. We have a team of competent attorneys, accountants and tax experts who will help you navigate the murky legal waters when forming a company in Paraguay. Contact us now, and let us get started.


Types of Legal Entities in Paraguay

When considering Paraguay company formation, you need to choose the specific type of legal entity to operate upon. This will serve as your business driver in the country. Some of the common legal structures are available to both foreign and local investors. These include limited liability company, public liability company, branch offices, and representative offices.

However, it is a limited liability company that is very popular among many investors. This is because the process of its formation is relatively easy, and it also comes with a blend of versatilities that give a lot of convenience to the investors.

If you are not sure what kind of entity you need to register, feel free to contact us for an in-depth analysis of the nature of the business you intend to carry out in Paraguay, and we will be delighted to advise you on the most appropriate entity to go for.

When forming a limited liability company in Paraguay, the set of requirements that investors need to meet are very few, and they include but not limited to the following:

  • There has to be at least one director who must be a Paraguayan resident.
  • There has to be a minimum of two shareholders
  • No requirements as to the share capital needed to start the company



The Company Registration Process in Paraguay

The company registration process in Paraguay is relatively simple. However, you may find it to be challenging if you are a foreigner. That is why you may need our Paraguay company formation services to help you out. But that notwithstanding, here is a brief overview of the company registration process in Paraguay-:

  1. Check for the uniqueness of the company name. After doing so, draft the company certificates and have them notarized by a lawyer.
  2. Notarization of the company’s deeds at a Notary’s office.
  3. Submission of the registration documents to SUAE – Single Access Window Agency. At this stage, you will submit all the documents for approval, after which you will be given an identification number. Some of the documents you will be filing here include the bylaws and the formation certificate.
  4. Publishing of the company’s regulations in the Official Gazette and in the local dailies.

Paraguay Company Formation


Let Us Help with All the Process

The process of Paraguay company formation may sometimes be hectic, especially if you are not aware of the legislation or the specific offices you need to visit for the necessary documents. But we can use our help to avoid hard work. This is what we do on a daily basis, and we will make the process of registering your company a breeze. Contact us now for more information.