Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Switzerland Company Formation

Switzerland Company Formation Switzerland is a beautiful country and one of the best places to do business. The economy of Switzerland is powerful, there is political neutrality, and the low inflation rate makes your investment safe thus reducing the risk too. To start with Switzerland company formation, you need to register your business, open a bank account and apply for a tax number.


Different Business Entities of Switzerland

  1. One of the best business entity which is functional in Switzerland is a limited liability company which requires at least 2 shareholders and one director who must be a resident of Switzerland.
  2. The stock incorporation company must have at least three shareholders who come together to incorporate a company in Switzerland. The share capital required is CHF 100,000.
  3. The sole proprietorship is the simplest form of the business entity functional in Switzerland which is the easiest way to enter into the Swiss market. The company’s owner is ultimately liable for any obligation of the company, and he needs to register for Trade only if his annual turnover crosses CHF 100,000.
  4. The general partnership in Switzerland must have at least two partners to incorporate a company in Switzerland. The partners of this business entity must sign an agreement which has all the terms and conditions to develop the business.
  5. A limited partnership is set up when a general partner who is entirely liable for the company. Meanwhile, a limited partner is accountable only to his own contributions.


Switzerland Company Formation Steps

The following are the steps to set up a business in Switzerland:

  1. Choose a unique company name before incorporating a company
  2. Open a local Swiss bank account
  3. Deposit minimum capital amount of CHF 20,000 for GMBH or 10,000 for AS.
  4. Notarization of personal and corporate signatures
  5. Signing and notarization of the Article of Association
  6. The foreign investor must fill the Stampa Declaration Form. This is a negative declaration for the investment and the Lex Friedrich Declaration Form. When you have this permit, you can acquire real estate in Switzerland.
  7. All these documents must be signed by the owner of the company regardless of a local or a foreign person.

After you receive a business registration certificate, the details of the article of association, names of all the shareholders are published in local commercial Gazette by Swiss Commercial Registry.

The companies which are eligible to obtain a tax number must apply for the same at Federal Tax administration.



Documents You Must Submit for Switzerland Company Formation

The following is a list of documents:

  1. The article of Association – Notarize it.
  2. Signatures of the company’s director, secretary, and shareholders
  3. Stampa Declaration Form and Lez Friedrich Form
  4. Details of the social capital of the enterprise and its activities
  5. Other documents which depend on the type of business. You’ll decide which one you prefer to complete the Switzerland company formation.

Switzerland Company Formation

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