Registered Address Services in the United Kingdom

No address, no problem as 3E Accounting explains all you need to know about registered address services in UK.

One of the prerequisites of company formation in the United Kingdom is that your business must have a registered address. Also known as a registered office address, this information must be submitted to Companies House during the incorporation process. However, for a variety of reasons, not all companies will have ready access to an address they can use. Business solution companies such as 3E Accounting offer a lifeline with their registered address services in UK. It is a fast and convenient way to ensure your business meets this statutory requirement.

Business solution companies such as 3E Accounting offer a lifeline with their registered address services in UK.


An Essential Service

Aside from partnerships and sole traders, all other business entities in the UK will need to have a registered address. For registration with Companies House, the address will need to be in England and Wales. This address will be publicly available and can be searched online. It is also a legal requirement that a company’s registered address is included in all contracts, documents, stationery, etc.

However, your business activity or trade’s actual location does not have to be its registered address. A company’s registered address is its official location where correspondence can be sent and received. This includes official correspondence from the government, including the tax authority HMRC.

Companies that are just starting up may not have an official address that can be used. The usual recourse is to provide a home address. It is not advisable to use your home address as once registered it becomes publicly available. You will need to specifically request and pay Companies House to change or remove a registered address.

Foreign investors or multinational companies (MNCs) will not be able to use a registered office address that is located overseas. If the business is in the UK, then it will need a registered address in England and Wales. Registration with the Companies House also requires that all directors of a company provide an address. This is known as the Director’s Service Address and is needed for correspondence purposes. A director’s address does not need to be UK-based but will still be publicly available.

The best solution for ensuring compliance and protecting your privacy is to sign up for the registered address service. Professional service providers will be able to offer a selection of locations all over the UK at very comprehensive pricing. Services offered are usually customisable and can include one or all of the following:

  • Registered Business Address Service
  • Director’s Service Address
  • Trading Address
  • Remote or Virtual Registered Office Address
  • Correspondence Address
  • Mail forwarding and management

By using registered address services in UK, you will be able to portray professionalism and ensure full compliance with regulations. All your mail will be diligently forwarded, so you never miss out on important correspondence. 3E Accounting offers impeccable service and customisable business solutions for your every need. From registered addresses to accounting and human resource services, we’ve got your back. Contact 3E Accounting today to work with industry professionals with global expertise.

Registered Address Services in the UK