Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Portugal Company Formation

Portugal Company Formation Portugal is a natural hub for trade between Europe and America. As such, it is abuzz with various economic activities making it a great attraction for a myriad of foreign investments. There are plenty of opportunities available to anyone willing to try their luck in this bridge country, and the government is also ready to offer various incentives to foreign investors who come to invest in the country. If you are interested in the investment opportunities available here, then we are glad to let you know about our Portugal company formation services. We are a reputable company formation and business registration service provider and will make it a breeze for you to register any legal entity in Portugal. All you have to do is give us a call for an initial consultation so that we can see how best to help you.


Types of Legal Entities in Portugal

For entrepreneurs wishing to incorporate a company and businesses wishing to expand their operations to the country, here are some of the business entities you may begin in this country:

Private Limited Company (Sociedade por quotas, LDA)

This is the legal entity for those who are planning to incorporate a small or medium business. The LDA also has a lesser amount of capital and limited liability in comparison to other structures. Such a company must have at least two founders and a minimum share capital of 5,000 EUR. Every shareholder must contribute to the share capital, and their liabilities only cover the shares they contributed.

Public Company (Sociedade Anonima – SA)

A public company is the recommended model for investors with a slightly higher amount of capital. For this entity, there have to be at least 50 shareholders with a minimum share capital of 50,000 EUR. The liability of the shareholder is limited to the amount of contribution they made towards the share capital. Contact us for more information about this type of Portugal company formation.

Limited Partnership (Sociedade em Comandita – SC)

For a limited partnership in Portugal, there has to be a minimum of two partners. One is the general partner and the other one being the silent partner. The silent partner provides capital for the company and they cannot make major business decisions. The general partner, on the other hand, is responsible for making the major business decisions and their liability extends to their personal assets.

General Partnership (Sociedade em Nome Collective – SNC)

A general partnership in Portugal comprises of two partners, both of which have full liabilities in the business. There is minimum share capital for this business model. In addition, both partners are responsible for funding the business and making the major business decisions.

Portugal Company Formation


Why Use Our Portugal Company Formation Services

We have a team of competent attorneys, accountants, and tax experts. All of them have the knowledge and the experience you need to establish any kind of business entity in Portugal. Besides, we offer you comprehensive services – right from the start of company formation to the very end when you all the permits and licenses and your business is ready to start operations.

Portugal Company Formation

Additionally, we are efficient, and this implies that you won’t wait forever to have your company formed. Our rates are also very affordable to make it easy for you not to undergo any financial strain when starting a new business in Portugal. Contact us and tap into our expertise and experience for a smooth company formation process.