United Kingdom Company Incorporation Services

Get it right the first time around with 3E Accounting’s United Kingdom company incorporation services. National statistics for 2020 indicate that there are approximately six million private sector businesses in the United Kingdom. Of these, 99.9% were small-medium enterprises (SMEs). The idea of starting a business is thrilling, but most would-be entrepreneurs can get discouraged by the complexities of it. This is where professionals such as 3E Accounting come in. Engaging our United Kingdom company incorporation services is an affirmative step in realising your entrepreneurial dreams.

Get it right the first time around with 3E Accounting’s United Kingdom company incorporation services.


The Intricacies of Company Incorporation

Once you have done your due diligence and written up a smashing company profile, it’s time to consider registering your business. Company registration in the UK is done with the Companies House. You will need to fill out Form IN01 to begin and can be done electronically or in person. Individuals who can register a company:

  • Must be above 16 years old
  • Must not be an undischarged bankrupt
  • Must not be a disqualified director

There are quite a few types of company structures available, each with its pros and cons. You can be a one-person show running a sole proprietorship or even a multinational company listed on the stock exchange. Doing some research is recommended – either on your own or get in touch with UK company formation professionals for a quick chat.

Perhaps the most tedious aspect will be naming your UK company. You must choose a unique UK company name, i.e., one that is not already registered to another business. The rules here are complicated, covering such matters as using symbols and signs, conflict with trademark names, etc. Companies House has an online tool to facilitate a name search for availability.

Once you’ve overcome this hurdle, you need to look to your Articles of Association (AA) and Memorandum of Association (MA). These are the constitution of your United Kingdom company and set out all legal and pertinent matters related to it. They are documents required by the Companies House for United Kingdom company formation.

The AA and MA will contain all information about the directors and shareholders of your UK company. If you want to divide the ownership of your company, you can issue shares to shareholders. It’s crucial to get this done early as UK companies have different classes of shares. Change at a later date is possible but may end up being expensive.

Directors can be shareholders or not and have statutory and fiduciary duties towards the operation of the company. Details of shares, shareholders, directors, and the address of the registered office must be submitted to the Companies House.


A Necessary Partnership

Provided all the proper documentation has been correctly submitted, your company can be registered within a day. Upon United Kingdom company incorporation, Companies House will issue a Certificate of Incorporation which contains your business or company registration number (CRN). You will also be registered for Corporation Tax at the same time.

Setting up a UK company may seem straightforward but has its pitfalls for the uninitiated or first-timers. Such mistakes can be costly, time-consuming and tedious to correct. Engaging professionals with experience in United Kingdom company incorporation services can make a world of difference towards your overall experience. If you want to work with consummate professionals with an established global presence, Contact 3E Accounting today. Our team of talents are ready to provide customisable solutions for your UK company registration need.

United Kingdom Company Incorporation Services