Company Search in the UK

Doing a company search in the United Kingdom is the best way to get to know all about a business and its people.

The Companies House maintains a public registry of companies. This is a list of all the companies that have registered with the Companies House. The registry also contains all crucial information about a company such as its name, registration number, directors’ details, etc. Statistics indicate that by mid-2020, there were more than four million registered companies in the UK. Doing a company search in the United Kingdom would be a proverbial nightmare without the advent of digitalisation. Currently, such searches are facilitated by numerous online checkers, predominantly several free online tools from Companies House.

3E Accounting offers some of the most comprehensive formation services which also includes company search in the United Kingdom.


Rooting out Corporate Information

Information that is recorded in the public registry can be accessed by any member of the general public for free. There are many reasons to perform a company search. You may be looking at the viability of a chosen name for your own company. You may need the official or registered address of an existing business.

You may even want to check if a particular director has been disqualified or banned from being a director. It is also possible to check if a company has been struck off or is insolvent. All of these and more are reasons why people and businesses utilise the company search function.

Some types of information can be obtained and searched for free. Free email alerts can also be set up to for changes or updates that occur in relation to this information. Conversely, you can avail the services of company formation specialists such as 3E Accounting who provide customised or selective search data reports.

These address specific search criteria and can be pertinent when deciding on commercial or investment matters. You can request for reports on shareholder details as well as share capital, or details of charges on a business. It is also possible to do a search on the directors’ report, auditors’ report as well as accounting details, amongst others.

Currently, a free search is available via Companies House Beta Service and include:

  • Basic company information such as name, incorporation details, registered address, etc.
  • Information on officers of the company such as directors, company secretaries, etc. as well as shareholders. This includes both current and resigned members.
  • Company type, previous name if any, share capital, etc.
  • Insolvency information, mortgage data, etc.

Other types of information may require registration and a small monthly charge or a nominal fee. These provide more specific information on:

  • Company reports
  • Banned directors
  • Liquidation details, bankruptcy, comprehensive mortgage information, etc.

If you are looking to procure a thorough report on a business, then engaging a company formation specialist is a good place to start. This can save you time and spare you the headache of sorting through thousands of results. 3E Accounting offers some of the most comprehensive formation services which also includes company search in the United Kingdom. Contact 3E Accounting today to explore viable and customizable business solutions for all your needs. Our team of professionals are ready to answer all your queries.

Company Search in the United Kingdom