Forensic Investigation Services in the United Kingdom

3E Accounting explains how to fortify your business with forensic investigation services in the UK.

Statistics show that fraud and economic crime rates are at an all-time high globally. Heading the worldwide list is customer fraud and cybercrime. Antitrust, tax fraud, bribery, insider trading and money laundering are the costliest to commerce. While this is bad news for the business world, the good news is that prevention is well within reach. These types of economic crimes can be circumvented with a focused investigation, curing-edge technology, and scalable processes. Forensic investigation services in the UK can help you get to the root of the problem and strengthen your business.

Business solution firms, such as 3E Accounting, offer a professional and thorough approach that will ensure stakeholder confidence.


It’s Elementary

Forensic investigation is the activity of collecting and scrutinising evidence of a possible crime. In the world of commerce, this is often linked to economic crimes such as corruption and fraud. Such crimes give rise to financial and regulatory consequences and penalties for a company. There is also the added danger of damage and risk to a business’ reputation. Economic and business crimes tend to strike unannounced, and most companies are not prepared to deal with them. This usually comes down to a lack of training and resources, including appropriate technology.

However, tools and technology alone will not get the job done as a forensic investigation requires a scalable and adaptable anti-crime programme. Most importantly, the investigation and roll-out should be done by reliable and independent experts. Business solution firms, such as 3E Accounting, offer a professional and thorough approach that will ensure stakeholder confidence.

A meticulous and detailed forensic investigation methodology will usually have a rapid response and recovery blueprint. This is crucial as economic crime impacts a business’ finance and reputation. The longer such crimes remain undetected and allowed to perpetuate, the greater the damage to the business. Some damage may be so deep that recovery will no longer be a viable option.

A strategic blueprint will deploy technology and skills that uncover and trace the crime as quickly as possible. This will be followed by assessing and analysing its impact and providing reliable mitigation processes. Finally, preventative actions and procedures are recommended and installed to prevent such incidences from occurring in the future. These steps are geared to offer maximum protection, mitigate risks and facilitate rapid recovery.

Forensic investigation offers managed solutions that will enable businesses to keep up to date on changing regulations as well as new technologies. Investigative strategies include:

  • Collecting and collating data
  • Applying analytics
  • Exposing financial crime
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation
  • Deploying appropriate technology
  • Crisis management
  • Remedies and recovery plan roll-out
  • Training and upskilling employees
  • Dispute resolution and settlement

Here at 3E Accounting, our affiliates and partners bring a combined wealth of experience and expertise to bear. We ensure that our forensic investigation services in the UK employ the latest technologies and global expertise. Our team includes highly trained and capable corporate lawyers and accountants as well as technology and governance experts. Most importantly, we are experts at corporate intelligence, crisis management and resolution. We offer customisable solutions applicable in complex business landscapes. Contact 3E Accounting today to work with global industry professionals and keep your business safe.

Forensic Investigation Services in the UK