Businesses for Sale in the United Kingdom

Buy or sell, do it with confidence as 3E Accounting provides a quick 101 on businesses for sale in the UK.

With more than six million private enterprises, businesses and business opportunities abound in the United Kingdom. Procuring the right one does not have to be a costly game of chance. Nor does selling your business have to be a legal and financial ordeal. If you are interested in businesses for sale in the UK, getting some professional advice may just tip the scales in your favour.

Business solution firms such as 3E Accounting will be able to provide guidance and assist in the sale.


In the Business of Selling Businesses

Whether you are buying or selling a business, doing some due diligence first is highly recommended. Websites and online platforms such as Easy Buy Sell Business offer access to numerous businesses for sale the world over. You can also list your business easily on such sites.

However, having a structured or targeted approach is advisable as opposed to simply charging in headfirst. For example, factors such as whether the business is an online one or a brick-and-mortar establishment will impact the sale. With the advent of e-commerce, there is more consumer demand for online businesses, which may drive the price upwards.

Getting professional valuations done is an excellent way to gauge the ambit of financials in play. For physical businesses, location, inventory, assets, and liabilities will be taken into consideration. Online companies will require more focus on analytics. This includes the business website’s level of traffic and digital marketing services such as Pay Per Click or Search Engine Optimisation.

For brick-and-mortar businesses, site visits are standard along with a tour of the business itself. This may include a visit to any storage warehouses and interviews with staff. Online businesses go a different route and may require a short video presentation explaining the business. Either way, some preparation is advisable. Skilled negotiators will be able to do the job seamlessly. Business solution firms such as 3E Accounting will be able to provide guidance and assist in the sale.

There are also legal requirements that need to be investigated. Prospective buyers or sellers may be from a different country, which may require multiple jurisdictional knowledge. Other factors will include taxation, confidentiality, compliance, etc. Firms such as 3E Accounting have global affiliates who will have the necessary expertise to seamlessly handle such matters.

Once all goes well, parties to the sale will be able to sign off on a Purchase of Business Agreement. This is a legally binding document that will facilitate the transfer of business ownership for the consideration of a specified financial sum. This is usually followed by a transition period that ensures a smooth handover.

Venturing into the world of businesses for sale in the UK is best done with the right alliance. Engaging a business solution firm that offers multiple services across various jurisdictions is a sensible move. 3E Accounting provides unrivalled access via our affiliates and partners to one of the finest global alliances available. You get the best in business with our team of expert advisors and skilful negotiators. Contact 3E Accounting today to get the most out of your investment with customisable and innovative solutions.

Businesses for Sale in the UK