Your Global Company Formation Service Provider

3E Accounting offers business incorporation services to entrepreneurs around the globe. We are an accounting brand comprising of independent accountants and accounting firms from various countries. Our core mandate is to help out with business incorporation services.

Every unit within our brand is a legally independent entity with the authority to operate within their jurisdictions. Irrespective of your business incorporation needs, we will make it easy for you to get things up and running in no time.

Why Use Our Services

Investing in a new country will always be a challenging task. As an investor, you will desire to have your facts right before you commit your time and resources in a new venture. A lot goes into the successful incorporation of a new business abroad. And as an individual, you may find it overwhelming to do everything on your own.

For instance, there are laws and industry-specific regulations you will have to adhere to. As a foreign investor, you may not have the full details of such laws amongst other requirements. If you go in blind, you may end up wasting a lot of time and money, with no guarantees that you will finally have an operating business.


We Make the Process of Global Incorporation Easy

However, when you use the business incorporation services by 3E Accounting, you will take the guesswork out of the way and be guaranteed of successful incorporation. In every country where we operate, we have a good understanding of all the incorporation procedures. We will advise you accordingly so that you are compliant throughout the process.

Additionally, we will save you a lot of travel time that you would have used to visit the country. With our business incorporation services, we can incorporate a company remotely so that you don’t have to make a lot of travels. All you need to do is give us the Power of Attorney and we will do the rest on your behalf.


Affordability and Reliability

Though we offer premium business incorporation services, we make them available to you at very affordable rates. As an investor, affordability and reliability will always be a factor of concern when setting up in a new country, and that is exactly what you will find with our services.

Global Company Formation Service Provider

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