Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Ireland Company Formation

Ireland Company Formation With Ireland having highly favorable local financial and legal environments, it has risen in ranks to be one of the most preferred investment destinations for investors and corporate entities keen on getting a piece of the EU market. The country has the second lowest corporate tax rate in the EU trading block, and the government is eager to give various kinds of incentives to individual investors and companies to open shop in the country. We provide affordable and reliable Ireland company formation services to both foreigners and foreign companies interested in having business investment vehicles in the country.


Company Registration in Dublin

It’s quite easy to register a company in Dublin. It’s even better if you choose to partner with 3E Accounting United Kingdom. The registration process in most cases is facilitated through the Irish Companies Registration Office.

The office has an online platform where the founding partners of the new business can go and do the registration. Depending on the type of company you are interested in, the entire process can take between two and five days.

At 3E Accounting United Kingdom, we have company formation experts in Dublin who can assist you with choosing the right legal entity for your business, choosing a name for your company, drafting the articles of association, filing all the required documents for incorporation and any other task that may be necessary for the successful formation of a company in Ireland.

With the help of our qualified attorneys and accountants, we will help you ensure compliance with all the relevant local authorities’ legislation. We cover social security, corporate taxes, and value-added tax. Additionally, we will be available to help you a corporate bank account and establish a business office in Dublin.


Types of Companies in Ireland

There are up to five legal entities that foreigners interested in Ireland company formation can consider. They include the following:

  • A private liability company – this is allowed to have just a single director
  • Designated Activity Company – the liability of the partners in a DAC reaches to the number of unpaid shares they hold in the company
  • Designated Activity Company By Guarantee – with this entity, the liability of the partners is the same as that of Designated Activity Company. Also, the company must have at least two directors.
  • Company Limited By Guarantee – with this entity, the liability of the partners is tantamount only to amount of assets they have within the company.
  • Public Limited Company – a minimum capital share of EUR 25,000 is necessary to register a public limited company in Ireland.



Affordable Company Formation Services

With 3E Accounting United Kingdom, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to incorporate your company in Ireland. Our fees are among the most affordable in the industry. In fact, the quote you get from us will include all the fees charged by the Companies Registration Office. In this way, you won’t have to pay anything in excess or make double payments.

Ireland Company Formation


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