Renting Serviced Offices in the United Kingdom

3E Accounting offers a pocket-guide on the fundamentals of renting serviced offices in the UK.

In an era where everything is subject to change and innovation, traditional concepts are being challenged at every turn. This is especially true not only of the way we work but where we do so. Remote working had its heyday but could not truly replace the need to work in a shared office environment. Terms such as ‘spoke and wheel’ and ‘office near home’ are making waves as the workforce goes through another evolution. As it turns out, renting serviced offices in the UK is perhaps one of the best solutions for businesses these days.

3E Accounting brings years of global industry experience to the table and offers customisable business solutions for your every need.


New Age Business Solutions

Renting shared and the serviced workspace is undoubtedly popular and establishing itself as the new way to do business. All the basics that you could possibly need to start work are already fitted out. It offers unparallel and fluid advantages over traditional brick-and-mortar establishments including:

  • One-stop-solution for all your business needs and premium packages include access to high-speed Wi-Fi, reception or administrative services, IT support and phone services, executive meeting rooms or break-away rooms, legal and accounting services, pantry facilities, etc.
  • Efficient, flexible, and adaptable, you can upsize or downscale at any time, and it is ideal for start-ups. The set up is fast as everything is already in place for an efficient workspace.
  • Economical and offers good returns on investment.
  • Access to prime locations which may otherwise be unavailable.

Essentially, serviced offices also include varieties such as shared offices, unfurnished offices and even desk rentals. Each has its own definition and can be summarised briefly as follows:

  • Serviced Offices: depending on size, they are sometimes known as business centres or executive suites. It is usually exclusively rented by a company and allows for customisation. Mostly located at prime commercial or business locations and offer premium all-inclusive packages.
  • Shared Offices: office space and services are literally shared with other organisations or companies. Packages are usually basic such as broadband, office space and furniture, and contracts can be negotiated on a monthly basis. It is a cheaper and more flexible option compared to serviced offices.
  • Unfurnished Offices: one of the cheaper ways to rent office space and offers the most control over the area. However, it does not have the advantages of serviced or shared offices.
  • Desk Rentals: also known as ‘deskers’, it is the most basic of rental concepts and consists of a leased desk, chair, and cabinet. Broadband may or may not be offered, depending on the landlord’s preference. Economically priced and more suitable for those who just need an office environment to work in.

Serviced offices can be found in some spots in England and Wales including well-connected commercial hotspots such as:

  • City of London
  • King’s Cross
  • Canary Wharf
  • Covent Garden
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Bristol
  • Glasgow
  • Cardiff

If you’re considering renting serviced offices in the UK, do get in touch with professionals who have access to the best. 3E Accounting brings years of global industry experience to the table and offers customisable business solutions for your every need. Contact 3E Accounting today and speak to one of our consultants to work out an ideal solution for your business.

Renting Serviced Offices in the UK