Website Design and Development in the United Kingdom

3E Accounting explains the golden rules of website design and development in the UK.

Website design and development is all about how the user feels and interacts with your business’ website. The visual impact and content should be awesome enough to capture their interests. Paired with a user-friendly interface, you’ve got a winning blueprint to keep your visitors immersed and captivated. It is a fine balancing act and requires both expertise and experience. Engaging the right agency to do your website design and development in the UK can create a digital experience that lasts.

Engaging the right agency to do your website design and development in the UK can create a digital experience that lasts.


Digital Impressions Designed to Impress

Your website is the brand that the world will associate with your business. Statistics show that you have a 15-second window to make an impression. Ideally, you want a website that works for you, especially in driving sales or converting leads. To get traffic flowing onto your site, you need a website designed and developed for the end-user.

Website design is different from website development and its best to go with an agency that has talents specialising in both. Web design is all about the aesthetic or visual part of the website. Designers employ design programmes such as Adobe Photoshop to create an inspiring layout, colours, and content. Web development then turns the design into a functional website. Developers use programming languages such as JavaScript to bring the design to digital life.

Agencies with industry experience will be able to work with you to create a website that meets the brief. You want to portray your brand and objectives clearly with clean designs, resplendent incorporate colours and inspiring content. The site structure will have innovative features, user-focused application and seamless navigation that brings the experience to life.

You should also be aware of terms such as ‘bounce rate’ and ‘dwell time’. You can check for your website’s bounce rate from your Google Analytics dashboard. A high bounce rate is not a good sign for your website. It is a clear indicator that visitors to your site are leaving within that crucial 15-second window. Dwell time is how long visitors spend on your website and this almost always comes down to content and navigation. Your aim then is to avoid poor website design and development that will drive visitors away.

As an added feature, you may want to consider making your website mobile responsive. The United Kingdom has more than six million private sector businesses and almost 90% of the adult population use smartphones. Time spent online has increased drastically and a third of this traffic is from mobile phone usage. Hence, your website design and development should be compatible and intuitive to use across all devices.

Excellent website design and development in the UK can be had without compromising on budget or values. A reliable agency will offer content management systems or CMS that allows you to update your website as needed. 3E Accounting offers customisable solutions tailored to your every need. With our partners and affiliates, we are a full-service agency that offers one-stop digital solutions. Contact 3E Accounting today to work with global professionals who are ready to help you take your business to the next level.

Website Design and Development in the UK