HR Outsourcing Services in the United Kingdom

3E Accounting explains why HR outsourcing services in the UK may just be the ticket to your success.

As the global pandemic ushered in paradigm shifts across all levels of business, new norms have taken root. One such idea was the remote workforce, as businesses were forced to move away from traditional brick-and-mortar work concepts. Predominantly, companies have discovered that outsourcing some aspects of the business process has more benefits than not. Outsourcing statistics indicate that savings in workforce costs can be substantial. Primarily, HR outsourcing services in the UK has become a crucial business strategy for companies to survive in tough times.

Reliable and trusted specialist companies, such as 3E Accounting, will put you and your workforce first.


Outsourcing Your Way to Success

Historically, companies have always outsourced processes that are not fundamental in driving vital business activities. However, the advent of technology and digitalisation of businesses have changed this commercial mindset. Driven by cloud technology in particular, the shared services industry has made outsourcing the new and accepted norm.

Human resource, or HR, has been a popular choice when it comes to outsourcing and the market is very competitive. Engaging specialist companies that provide high-quality service is the only way to ensure success. Customisable HR management solutions should ideally focus on people management and not just software or tools. Reliable and trusted specialist companies, such as 3E Accounting, will put you and your workforce first. A good HR outsource company will ensure all your bases are covered from basic paperwork to complex employment law.

Companies have a choice of outsourcing the entire department or just some parts of their HR needs. Some companies even choose to have an HR advisor on call to support their HR department. Outsourcing is also a sensible choice for foreign investors or multinational companies (MNCs).

Outsource specialist companies usually have the expertise to bridge jurisdictional gaps. They can handle global jurisdictional requirements and ensure better compliance. Global HR functions can be seamlessly handled by the experts as a one-to-many solution platform. This saves cost, time and other resources in the long run and is usually considered a sound investment.

Essential HR support and needs usually include administration as well as legal compliance. Specialists can provide services that include:

  • Recruiting top-tier passive HR talents.
  • Comprehensive recruitment packages, including job description, etc.
  • HR strategies including change management and succession planning.
  • Drafting employment contracts.
  • HR coaching, mentoring, training, etc.
  • Performance management, change management, succession planning, HR analytics, etc.
  • Writing up and updating employees’ handbook and core policies.
  • Handling legal issues such as dispute resolution, dealing with trade unions, legal and tribunal insurance, etc.
  • Creating pension schemes, benefits and compensations, etc.
  • Handling disciplinary actions, notices, redundancies, etc.
  • Implementing cutting-edge HR software such as payroll, automatic filings and tax compliance for Pay As You Earn (PAYE) scheme, etc.

If you are looking to upgrade to a more advanced business strategy, 3E Accounting has bespoke solutions to assist you. Jumping on the bandwagon of HR outsourcing services in the UK is just the tip of the iceberg. We have a host of customisable solutions that will allow you to focus more on running a successful business. Contact 3E Accounting today to speak to our team on how to make the best of emerging trends and innovative processes.

HR Outsourcing Services in the UK