Valuation Services in the United Kingdom

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In order to ascertain the value of anything, in-depth, independent analysis needs to be done by subject matter experts. In a business context, this means measuring the value of corporate strategy, assets, finances, etc. The list is long and comprehensive, and the process of analysing value drivers is complex. Valuation Services in the UK or anywhere else for that matter are best done by valuation specialists with global experience.

3E Accounting offers customisable and innovative solutions that add value to your business.


The Language of Business

The process of corporate or business valuation is generically known as the language of business in today’s commercial arena. Its metrics and outcomes set the tone on how much trade value a business has. This can range from strategic to operational decisions and is quite often a complex issue.

As corporate governance, compliance and responsible decision-making take centre stage, the need for impeccable valuation reports is on the rise. This is further driven by the worldwide adoption of global accounting standards. More than ever, independent valuations, especially fair value financial reporting, are becoming a part of the commercial portfolio.

The valuation process usually entails understanding a business in order to build a valuation model. Experts may employ methods such as market multiples and discounted cash flow (DCF) to produce a robust model. This enables clients to have the edge at any negotiation, armed with a model able to withstand independent scrutiny.

Valuation services can be broadly categorised under the following areas:

  • Business Valuation
  • Financial Reporting Valuation
  • Tax and Portfolio Valuation
  • Shareholder Value Management
  • Asset and Real Estate Valuation
  • Transaction Negotiation
  • Expert Witness Valuation

The process of valuation requires not just an appraisal of assets and strategies. It also needs a proactive assessment of how to enhance, protect and drive such values. Valuation specialists such as 3E Accounting will start the process with a good grasp of the business itself. To do so, they will look at drivers which can be:

  • External: includes the industry and country, competitors, market share and marketability
  • Internal: such as financial statements, assets, management, etc.

A knowledge of such drivers will enable a better valuation of businesses, debt and share options, etc. Valuations can also be done for dispute resolution, debt restructuring or acquisition, fairness and solvency opinions, etc. Valuation services are crucial in joint venture buy-outs or post-merger share determination as it provides the closest approximations possible. Potential tax implications and consequences can also be analysed and assessed early on. This is essential when dealing with HMRC or multiple jurisdictions.

3E Accounting offers customisable and innovative solutions that add value to your business. Our valuation services in the UK are carried out with the mindset of meeting all your needs and ensuring maximum return on investment. Our international valuation techniques are paired with a practical approach to guarantee relevance to regional markets. Our affiliates and partners bring in-depth global expertise to our processes, ensuring our strategies are future-oriented. Collectively, we provide both global and regional support and resources for all your business needs. Contact 3E Accounting today for a proactive chat with our team of professionals.

Valuation Services in the UK