Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Cambodia Company Formation

Cambodia Company Formation Are you looking to expand your business in Cambodia, or you are keen on starting an entirely new business in a foreign country? Are you confused on what kind of business to set up, or you find the registration process to be overwhelming? Well, you can now forget about all your worries because you have landed on a page with the right experts. At 3E Accounting, we specialize in Cambodia company formation services, and we will avail at your disposal every resource you need to get your Cambodia business off the ground.


Company Formation Options in Cambodia

If you are not aware of the processes and the requirements for starting a business in Cambodia, it is easy to get confused along the way or register the wrong type of legal entity. But with our assistance, you can rest assured that we will guide you through all the business types and help you make the right choice on the most suitable option for your operations. Some of the options include:

Representative Office

Setting up a representative office in Cambodia is relatively faster and simple. Such a company may not undertake any profit-generating activity such as buying and selling of goods, engaging in manufacturing activities, offering services or carrying out construction works. To register a representative office in Cambodia, you will apply for approval by CDC for a conditional registration certificate and a final registration certificate. The cost for both varies based on the nature of intended activities. Also, it usually takes about one month to complete the registration process.

Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise

In Cambodia, wholly foreign-owned enterprises are limited liability companies owned and funded by foreign nationals and entities. The registration process of these entities are very detailed and comprehensive, and they are the most costly businesses to set up in Cambodia.  Cambodia company formation for wholly foreign-owned enterprises follows the following steps-:

  1. Deposit the required amount of capital
  2. Register the name of the company
  3. Incorporate the company with the Department of Business Registration
  4. Submit the company seal
  5. Submit the registration documents and notify the Ministry of Labour
  6. Wait for and receive approval

The entire process may take between two and three months. It may cost about $800 depending on the specific nature of your business.

Cambodia Company Formation


Branch is the other business form you may set up as a foreigner in Cambodia. Branches can operate the same way as representative offices. However, they may also do the following as long as that they don’t engage in acts prohibited for foreigners in the country:

  • buy and sell goods
  • engage in processing
  • manufacturing and construction services

Cambodia Company Formation


Why Work with Us

At 3E Accounting United Kingdom, we have a competent team of seasoned attorneys, accountants, and tax experts. All of them have the expertise and the experience you need to hit the ground running with your business. We will not just accord with the best Cambodia company formation services, but also we will advise you on the labor requirements. This is important when you will be hiring locals or foreigners in your company.

Remember, Cambodia has very complex labor regulations and the last you thing you want is to get into labor disputes with your host country.

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