Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Spain Company Formation

Spain Company Formation Form your company in one day with the help of Spain company formation services by 3E Accounting. Whether you are alone investor or part of a corporation interested in establishing a business presence in Spain, we have every service you need. Further, we will accord every help necessary to help you start your Spanish company without hassles. With us is a team of a competent attorney, skilled accounts and experienced tax experts ready to help you have a very soft start with your new company.


The Process of Starting a Company in Spain

The process of starting a company in Spain begins with the drafting of articles of association and the submission of the necessary documents. These include copies of the shareholder’s passport photos and their signature specimen to the Trade Register. You will also need to carry out some public notary procedures based on the type of company you will be starting.

Again, it is mandatory to register your office in Spain. Also, you need to open a bank account and hire a local accountant when setting up a company in Spain. These and many other procedures may sound too stressful, but we can help you get every step right so that you have very smooth sailing during the company formation process.

Spain Company Formation


Types of Businesses Available for Foreigner Registration in Spain

According to the Spanish laws, there are several types of business entities that apply for both foreign and local investors. The most common type of these businesses is a limited liability company. For foreigners who are planning to start a small business on their own, they can always go for a sole proprietorship. Both of these business setups feature simple registration procedures. However, you may still find to be overwhelming if you are a foreigner. Other than these, investors interested in Spain company formation may also consider the following types of businesses-:

  • Stock Corporation – this is ideal when you are thinking of starting a large investment project in Spain.
  • Branch Office – a branch office may be used when you have a parent company outside Spain, but you wish to expand into the Spanish market. It is a dependent entity on the parent company, hence, not necessarily an entire legal body.
  • Subsidiary – a subsidiary is also an extension of a foreign company. It is an independent unit, thus, a complete legal entity. As such, it will be subject to the tax laws and other regulations just like the rest of the foreign companies in Spain.
  • Joint Ventures – may be a form of partnership or a blend between a partnership and a private limited liability company.
  • Limited Partnership – this is formed by at least one general member and one silent member. In most cases, the silent member provides the capital for starting the business. Meanwhile, the general membership is responsible for making the major decisions in the business.

Spain Company Formation


Let Us Help You with Your Spain Company Formation

Allow us the pleasure to take care of starting your company in Spain. We have excellent knowledge of the business registration process. However, we will not just help you decide on what company to go for, but also we will be with you until the registration process is over. Contact us today for more information.