Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Germany Company Formation

Germany Company Formation Germany is a global powerhouse and one of the largest economies in Europe. Its central location, highly qualified workforce, good infrastructure and access to over 454 million consumers make it an appealing destination for individual investors and corporates who wish to have a piece of the lucrative European market. At 3E Accounting United Kingdom. we make it easy for you and corporate entities establish their presence in Germany. Your dreams will become a reality with our friendly, affordable and reliable Germany company formation services.

We will assist you right from the consultation stage when considering the type of business to invest in, through to the final stage, when you have fully fledged company ready to start doing business in Germany. With the experience, and expertise possessed by our team of attorneys, accountants and tax experts, you will be in very safe hands should you choose to use our company incorporation services. As a result, you can commence operations without worry.


Types of Companies in Germany

There are various types of businesses you can form in Germany. As foreign investors, it is imperative that you know about each one of them, as well as the legal requirements for setting up. They include the following:

German UG

Also known as Unternehmergesellschaft, the German UG is the most popular type of structure for a new business incorporation. The formation of this type of entity comes with very flexible requirements. However, you can complete everything in less than one week. You can use our services to remotely register UG company to avoid the hassles and expenses of traveling. You can then fly in once you are ready to start operations.

German GMBH

Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung, GmbH, is also a loose term for a private limited liability company in Germany. It is also the common type of business vehicle foreigners like establishing in Germany. The minimum share capital to start a Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung is 25,000 EUR. For Germany company formation purposes, the share capital can be in cash or also in kind. If it is through the latter, i.e. assets, then the value of all the underlying assets must have a record in the company’s Article of Association. The director gives the day to day operation decision of the Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung. His appointment will take effect upon the meeting of shareholders.

German AG – Joint Stock Company

This is the most common business entity for public companies and large businesses that wish to have a presence in Germany. The minimum share requirement to establish this entity is 50,000 EUR. A board of directors manages the entity and an auditor will audit the company’s accounts at the end of every year.

German KG – Limited Partnership

A KG has a minimum of two or more partners collaborating to start a business in Germany. They can be general or silent partners, with the general partner being fully liable and the silent partner only being liable for the capital they brought in.

Germany Company Formation


How We Can Help

We can help you with all the initial steps through our Germany company formation services. Depending on the investment vehicle you are interested in, we will advise you on the specific requirements necessary. We will also take you through the comprehensive process of registering your company. Contact us today for more information.