Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your New Zealand Company Formation

New Zealand Company Formation If you wish to start a business in New Zealand, our considerable experience and expertise in helping both locals and foreigners can help you with your New Zealand company formation. We have been in the corporate services industry for decades, and we know all there is to know when it comes to forming any business entity in New Zealand.

For foreigners, especially, it may be challenging to understand all the relevant regulations when setting up your investment vehicle of interest, and as such, you may end up taking unnecessarily long to have the business registered. However, our company formation services can help you shorten the time so that you start your operations as soon as possible.


Why Form a Company in New Zealand

New Zealand has a worldwide reputation, and so it requires very little introduction. It is one of the safest, secure and most stable countries in the world, and it also has very appetizing benefits for those concerned with international tax planning. If you correctly register your company, it is possible that it may operate as a tax-free offshore company. Due to this, New Zealand is a tax haven for a myriad of corporations who want to enjoy the most of their margins.

Additionally, New Zealand has a highly reputable business community. The nation has an enviable presence of some of the leading financial institutions, accounting, and legal firms. The country prides itself with being the leader when it comes to facilitating online transactions and e-commerce process. After all, it is the home to well-developed data centers and internet service providers.

It is also important to observe that the New Zealand government is pro-foreign investments. As a result, it has availed a number of incentives and aids to help investors start businesses in certain sectors considered to be strategic to the economy of the country. Therefore, thinking about New Zealand company formation is a great idea. You will be entering a market that will grant you the necessary support you will need to thrive.

New Zealand Company Formation


Types of Legal Entities in New Zealand

Most investors in New Zealand generally use three main types of business structures, and they include:

  • Sole Trader – this is the simplest way to start a business in New Zealand. It is ideal for those running small business firms or for self-employed individuals. Also, it’s easy to form and terminate, with only a few legal formalities, which significantly reduces its formation cost.
  • Partnerships – partnerships imply more than one owner. This means more skills, experience, and capital and management expertise to the business. It also comes with low startup costs. You can easily change the structure to a company once the business grows and you feel it is time to reap the benefits of having a limited liability company.
  • Limited Liability Company– this is the most common form of business that foreign investors opt for when considering New Zealand company formation.


We Can Help You

At 3E Accounting, we have every resource you need to help you get your company up and running ASAP. Our commitment to you is as follows-:

  • We will deliver your newly formed company in one week
  • We will open the same day business bank account, complete with e-banking and credit card features
  • Our tax experts will advise you on tax optimization for your company
  • Real value for your money without any hidden costs
  • Full confidentiality throughout the dealing

New Zealand Company Formation

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