Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your France Company Formation

France Company Formation France is one of the leading world economies. It is understandable that the process of starting a business as a foreigner may be a little bit challenging. This is due to the amount of paperwork one has to do and the stringent rules and regulations which the applicants must adhere to. However, you don’t have to feel the overwhelm when you can use our reputable France company formation services to get your entity started.

Over the years, 3E Accounting United Kingdom has helped hundreds of business incorporations in various sectors in France, and so we know all there is to know regarding the requirements and the procedures in setting up any kind of business.


Types of Corporate Entities Foreigners Can Start in France

Foreigners or foreign entities interested in forming a company in France have the following business entities they can start in France:

Private Liability Company

Just like with most countries, a private liability company is the most common form of legal entity foreigners prefer starting in France. To form such a company in France, there has to be at least one shareholder and a minimum capital of 1 EUR. The liability of the shareholders reaches to the extent of their capital contribution. The day to day operations of the company is guaranteed by a director appointed by the shareholders during the general meeting.

Societe Anonyme

This is another common form of legal entity for foreigners in France because of its less stringent registration requirements. This business entity can have at least seven members, individuals or corporate bodies. It is a mandatory legal requirement that one of the members forming a Societe Anonyme must be an individual. The minimum share capital requirement is 37,000 EUR.

French SAS – Societe par Actions Simplifies

French SAS can have at least one member with a minimum share capital of 37,000 EUR. It is another business entity that works for those in need of France company formation. The management of the company is by at least one director, and it is also necessary to appoint an auditor after meeting the following conditions: the company has more than twenty employees, and the pre-tax turnovers are more than two million euros or the balance sheet is more than one million euros.

The SNC – Societe en Nom Collectif

This is a form of partnership that can arise from at least two partners with no minimum share capital. The partners are liable to the extent of their personal belongings.

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The SCS – Societe en Commandite Simple

The SCS is another form of a partnership which usually has a silent and a general partner. The silent partner avails capital and is only liable to the extent of the capital they contributed. The general partner, on the other hand, doesn’t provide capital but they are liable to their personal assets for the liabilities of the entity. The general partner is also responsible for making major business decisions.

The EURL – Enterprise Unipersonnelle a Responsabilite Limitee

This is a hybrid entity between a partnership and a limited liability company. There is no requirement for minimum share capital to form this entity. The liability is not limited to the company alone. The partners will be liable should the company have any outstanding debts.

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