Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Bhutan Company Formation

Bhutan Company Formation Are you interested in starting a business in the beautiful country of Bhutan? Bhutan may not be the normal global destination for top investors in the world but it has so many things going well for it. And now would be just the right time to consider Bhutan company formation. At 3E Accounting, we specialize in offering quality, affordable and reliable business formation services to enable you to register just any kind of entity you want in Bhutan.

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Business Registration Documents in Bhutan

For business registration in Bhutan, there are a set of documents which must be presented by every promoter or business owner at the time of the registration. The key documents which you must have included:

  • The completed registration forms
  • Original copies of citizen identification cards of the promoters. You need to submit these at the Company Registry Division at the Department of Industry in Bhutan.
  • A consent to act as Directors by the first director
  • Sectoral Clearance and the Industrial License Number
  • A declaration by one or more directors as defined in Schedule II of the Companies Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan
  • Completed forms from Schedule I of the Companies Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2000


Bhutan Company Formation Procedure

The procedure for forming a company in Bhutan may seem complicated for foreigners at first. But once you understand how the system works, it becomes very easy. In a brief, here is the company formation procedure in Bhutan-:

  1. Completing the application forms – the first step is to get all the necessary application forms as defined in Schedule I of the Companies Act of the Kingdome of Bhutan. You will then fill the forms before submitting them to the Department of Industry.
  2. Getting Sectoral Clearance – based on the industry or sector you intend to operate in, you will have to get sectoral clearance, as well as the industrial license number from the concerned industry authorities. This is a must-have requirement, irrespective of the business you will be doing.
  3. Form submission – after completing the forms, and getting the sectoral clearance as well as the Industrial License Number, the next step will be to submit all the duly filled forms to the Company Registry Division within the Department of Industry in Bhutan.
  4. Pay the necessary fees – after the submission of the application for Bhutan company formation, you will pay the necessary fees. These fees vary depending on the industry and the specific type of business you are registering.

Bhutan Company Formation


We Can Help You

Our business incorporation services are to help make the process of Bhutan company formation as simple as possible. We will help you with getting all the documents necessary for the type of business entity you want to register. And, we will also help you fill them out as per the law. We will also advise you on any compliance issue you may need to know depending on the specific industry you are interested in operating. Get in touch with us now and have a hassle-free business registration in Bhutan.