Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Peru Company Formation

Peru Company Formation Are you looking to incorporate or set up a new company in Peru? Look no further because you have landed on the right page. At 3E Accounting, we provide our clients with affordable and high-quality Peru company formation services so that they can have their investment vehicles up and running in no time. Ours is a complete package which features the formation of the corporate bylaws according to our clients’ needs, and the opening of the company’s bank accounts to let them start transacting as soon as possible. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of clients, and we will leave no stone unturned in ensuring you get nothing but the very best experience when starting your company in Peru.


Types of Businesses You Can Start in Peru

Depending on the kind of enterprise upon which you wish to expand on or start in Peru, there are various legal entities within the Peruvian legal framework which you can consider. They include the following:


A corporation is the most common type of business that those in need of Peru company formation services usually consider. It comes with a wide range of advantages, and a horde of benefits to its shareholders, thanks to the versatile structure it has. For this entity, a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 750 shareholders is required.

Closely Held Corporation

This is a special of a corporation, with almost every characteristic of a corporation except the following:

  1. The maximum number of shareholders is 20
  2. It must not have a board of directors as the corporate governance body
  3. The shareholders are entitled to the Right of First Refusal when it comes to the sale of the company shares.


Commercial Limited Liability Company

A commercial limited liability company is another common business entity in Peru. It requires a minimum of two and a maximum of twenty shareholders. It must also have corporate governance bodies in the forms of a Partner’s Assembly and a General Manager. And just like Closely Held Corporation, a shareholder in Commercial Limited Liability Company also have a Right of First Refusal when it comes to the acquisition of shares through a sale.

Branch Office

If you are looking for extend or start your business without having to incorporate a new separate entity, then what you need is to establish a Branch Office in Peru. This will serve as your headquarters, responsible for settling the liabilities and the obligations of the branch. It may also assign a certain amount of capital to let the office carry out its activities.


Why Work with Us

As a new business in a foreign land, it is important that you get into the market with a solid and reliable business and legal structures to avoid any into problems with the law. At 3E Accounting, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with Peru company formation services of the highest quality. These are guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations as a client. Our specialization is the incorporation and establishment of various business entities in Peru. The experience and the expertise we have will enable you to register the right kind of business. In addition, it can enlighten you on the basic knowledge of the Peruvian legal framework.

Peru Company Formation

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