Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your South Africa Company Formation

South Africa Company Formation At 3E Accounting, we offer quick, affordable and customized South Africa company formation and business registration services, and irrespective of the vehicle you need to incorporate your business, you can trust the expert advice by our attorneys, accountants, and tax experts to help you set up the right way. Contact us today, and get all the help you will ever need to start a successful company in South Africa.


Why Invest in South Africa

South Africa is ripe for international business for various reasons. It is one of the most stable political democracies on the continent of Africa. This brings a lot of peace of mind to investors who will not have to worry about losing their investments due to political reasons.

It is also one of the few industrialized countries in Africa and among the leading economies in the continent. With its location at the tip of Africa, and having access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean, it is a major getaway not just to the continent of Africa, but also to both the eastern and western markets.

Thousands of ships dock its ports every year to bring goods from all parts of the world and also to take goods from all over Africa to all parts of the world. Additionally, the South African government has created a very favorable environment for foreign investors, and this explains why there are so many international corporations in the country. If you are thinking about investing in South Africa, then you should know that the opportunities are there and all you need is a creative way to exploit them.


Types of Business Entities in South Africa

For those in need of South Africa company formation services, there are different kinds of business entities you can register, with the following being the major ones-:

  1. Sole Proprietor – this is the simplest and the most common form of business in South Africa. It is primarily conducted by a single individual owner, though they are allowed to hire employees should they need to.
  2. Closed corporations – Closed corporations are legal entities with a minimum of one member and a maximum of ten members. It is usually the preferred business type for smaller business that can no longer run as sole proprietorships.
  3. Private Company – by law, this is a separate legal entity and must register as a taxpayer. It is owned by shareholders, with the maximum number of shareholders for the company being 50.

South Africa Company Formation


Why Choose Our Company Formation Services

It may be tempting to go about the South Africa company formation process alone. However, if you desire accuracy and efficiency, then you have every reason to work with a professional service provider like 3E Accounting. There are particular rules and regulations to follow when registering a company. For foreigners, it may be more challenging to get all the rules and procedures right. Well, we will do the heavy lifting by performing the following on your behalf:

  • We do all the paperwork involved in the company formation
  • Act as your company secretary or treasurer for legal purposes
  • Provide nominees for directors and shareholders
  • Help with registration for taxes
  • Do everything remotely so that you don’t have to fly to South Africa

South Africa Company Formation

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