United Kingdom Start-up

United Kingdom Start-upRegardless of size, type or hype, the United Kingdom start-up is at the forefront of the new economy.

Start-ups and scale-ups are taking the business world by storm. It is a defining characteristic of the new economy that venture capital funding is driving these business models. Despite a global pandemic and a paradigm shift in how the world does business, start-ups continue to pop up. Having your very own United Kingdom start-up is a dream that can quite easily become a reality. Start-ups are making some big waves, and this may just be the right time to venture out.


Starting Your Own Start-up

Start-ups have been a buzzword in the business world for a while now. It is considered one of the best ways to learn all about entrepreneurship. However, it is not something that every would-be entrepreneur can do. Start-ups are quite different from traditionally structured organisations. It requires a particular mindset to succeed, especially being able to think and act like an owner. Start-up entrepreneurs also need to push boundaries continually and cope with uncertainties.

Start-ups also need to actively raise seed funding and get together like-minded people to form a founders’ team. There is no corporate structure per se to adhere to. A start-up’s core strengths are a lack of administrative hierarchy, full-on creativity, and the potential to innovate and grow.

The more successful start-ups can be acquired by larger companies. Statistics show that there are more than 150 million start-ups in the world. The United Kingdom alone has half a million new start-ups every year. Despite fierce competition and unrealistic expectations, more start-ups continue to launch annually. In the United Kingdom, start-ups lead the new European economy.

Some of the biggest and most successful start-ups in the United Kingdom as of 2020 include:

  • Revolut and Monzo – two online banking platforms
  • Babylon Health – healthcare via smartphone
  • Deliveroo – a food delivery company
  • Improbable – a cloud-based simulation software platform
  • Gymshark – fitness apparel

Entrepreneurship is robustly encouraged in the United Kingdom, and starting a company is quite a straightforward process. Suppose you have a business idea and a business plan. In that case, it is time to consider starting a company. Providing there are no misapplications, it is possible to register your business with Companies House and start trading within a day.

Business in the United Kingdom can take a variety of structures. The most popular business vehicle is the sole proprietorship or sole trader. Start-up costs are low, and registration with Companies House is not necessary. Limited companies are also high on the list of start-ups. Such entities have a separate legal identity due to incorporation and offer the added protection of limited liability.

Foreign entrepreneurs looking to start-up business in the United Kingdom will need to ensure they can legally do so. One of the best ways is to apply for a start-up visa. Amongst other requirements, you will need to show that your business is innovative and new. You will also need to prove that your start-up has a strong potential for growth.

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United Kingdom Start-up