Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Hairstylist Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Hairstylist Business in the United KingdomThe hairstylist business deals with the styling and maintenance of hair. It’s a profitable business. However, before starting a hairstylist business, you should have solid business plans to build a platform for loyal customers. The business can flourish in the presence of experienced and skilled staff, excellent service, and a friendly environment.

Hairstylist business offers a wide range of services. A full-service hairstylist provides everything, such as hair-cutting, styling, straightening, coloring, curling, hair treatment, etc. But, there are some hairstylist businesses that are specific to providing services limited to a definite niche. These niches include hair cutting only, or hair coloring, etc.

There are varied business structures to get started as a hairstylist. These are sole-proprietorship and limited liability corporations. As a sole-proprietorship business, you’re responsible for both the upgrade or downfall of the company. But, in limited liability corporations, you’ll have a partner to share the risks and benefits.

Starting a hairstylist business requires several licenses, permits to comply with the laws of the local authority and the state. You need to apply for registration of your business and obtain the certificate to start as a hairstylist. The rules regarding tax should be followed strictly. Now, we’ll look upon the registration process, licenses required for company incorporation, benefits, and a lot more about starting a hairstylist business.


Things to Consider Before Starting a Hairstylist Business

Launching a business requires knowledge and skills indeed. But, they are not enough. Here are some more matters that you should consider before starting a hairstylist business.

Make a Business Plan

Create a business plan to track your vision and goals. Make sure to do research about the competition in the markets and the services they are providing.

Comply With Laws and Regulations

You need to obtain some licenses and certificates to ensure your compliance with the laws of the state. Some permits and licenses are building permits, employment identification numbers, insurance, etc.

Market Your Business

You can find plenty of services that many hairstylists provide. You need to market your business to let potential clients know about your unique services. You can advertise by creating the professional website of your business or through social media.

Build a Platform for Loyal Customers

It’s very important to satisfy your clients. This should be your first priority. You can create a strong client relationship by providing the best experiences to your customers.


The location you set for your business is the next factor to draw clients towards your business. If your premise is in an area accessible to public vehicles and in populated places, you can easily grab a bunch of clients.


The skilled and well-mannered employee protects the image of your business. They help to thrive business well in a competitive market.

Create a Vision for the Clients

Set a vision for the experience of the clients and act according to it. Take feedback from the clients. It helps you to approximate the success of your business.


It may be difficult to price the services at the beginning. But, with sufficient market understanding, you can ballpark the estimation of the price and charge for your service.


Registration Process for Starting a Hairstylist Business

Business registration is mandatory for almost all businesses. You may need to register with the local council by paying a certain charge. Registering your business allows the auditor to inspect your premises to ensure you’re following safety rules.

You’ve to comply with the bylaws of the local council that includes:

Maintaining the Cleanliness of the Premise

The wall, floor, and partitions should be clean and in good condition. All the chairs, tables, shelves, and cabinets should be maintained and clean. Sweeping should be done whenever necessary.

Secure the Cleansing of Towels, Materials, Instruments, and Equipment

Any gown, towel, hairbrush, hair net that are used on one customer should not be used on another unless it’s clean. Likewise, the instrument and equipment should be sterilized. The solid soap requires adequate rinsing.

Cleanliness of the Staff or Employee

The staff should maintain their cleanliness as stated by the bylaws of the local council. They should wear clean and disposable or washable gowns while dealing with customer services. The impermeable dressing should cover any sores or wounds.

So, these are some of the laws stated by the local council to start a hairstylist business. Most of the state requires a registration certificate for starting a hairstylist business, while for those which do not require registration, you still need to follow the bylaws as mentioned earlier. If you’re looking for registering a business, here’s a guide to company registration. It tutors you completely with business details and helps you take the necessary steps.


Licenses and Permits Required for Starting a Hairstylist Business

There are no strict rules for starting a hairstylist business in the UK. However, many people acquire qualifications and experience before they start their own. They gain their qualification certificate from workplace assessment, apprenticeship, or salon management courses. They can also get an (NVQ) National Vocational Qualification that comprises different levels.

Similarly, after the local council registers you, you’ll receive a registration license which you should display on the wall of your workplace. It should be visible to all the customers.

Also, you have to obtain permits from (COSHH) Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. This is because many hair products like dyes, shampoos, and conditioners contain chemicals that may be hazardous. They may be prone to dermatitis. It ensures safety from such hazardous effects.

These are some of the licenses and permits you should obtain for starting a hairstylist business. Moreover, you also need public liability insurance. The corporate service provider in the United Kingdom like 3E Accounting helps you to acquire these permits and licenses essential to run a business.


Insurance for Your Hairstylist Business

Every business holds the risk. Therefore it’s required to ensure your business for its safety and security. There is plenty of insurance available in the market. However, these are some of the standard insurance that covers your hairstylist business.

  • Public liability insurance
    This insurance covers the claim of the injury of the public by your work.
  • Employers’ liability insurance
    It’s mandatory insurance that your business should have if you’re employing staff in your business. It covers the injuries caused to the employee by the official work.
  • Professional treatment liability insurance
    This insurance covers the accidents or injuries that occur from the product of the beauty treatment.
  • Personal accident insurance
    It covers when the business owner meets with an accident and in case if they aren’t able to work due to bodily injuries.


Advantages of Starting a Hairstylist Business

A hairstylist business can offer an abundance of opportunities for your career growth. You’ll get to travel to different places and learn many skills. Meeting new people can add value to your life by learning from each of them. There are many benefits you can get from a hairstylist business.

Job Security

Every day many people require a haircut or hair styling. People are more concerned about maintaining their hair during festivals and celebrations. Therefore, your job is always secure. You don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to sustain your work.


When you’re skilled as a hairstylist, you get a lot of opportunities to work at different places. You can transfer your job from your workplace and can work from anywhere.


You’ll sharpen your skills each day you work for your clients. It’s the most satisfying job when you see your clients smiling. You can use your creativity and skills to create job satisfaction.


The job is flexible in terms that you can choose to carry out the business as you prefer. You can set up a physical location and provide service to the clients. Or, you can visit the client’s location to provide your service. You can choose the lifestyle you want.


With effort and patience, you can create your reputation and build a profile among the competitors. The public will eventually recognize the excellent services.


Hairstylist business is a people-focused business. Traveling to different places and meeting new people, and interacting with colleagues creates a broad network.


You’re always learning and improving in this business field. Meeting new clients enhances your interpersonal skills. You can learn to interact and deal with customers. Moreover, you can learn client psychology and deal in accordance with that.

Starting a Hairstylist Business in the United Kingdom



A hairstylist business can offer you a bunch of opportunities to grow and succeed. Contact 3E Accounting for more details to get started with a business. We offer you an experienced professional team to address your problems and resolve them.