Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Dental Clinic in the United Kingdom

Starting a Dental Clinic in the United Kingdom

Becoming a dentist isn’t a fluke. First, you need to get your medical degree, which is challenging in its own right; and even after that, if you decide on starting a dental clinic, you will need to have all the skills and knowledge an entrepreneur needs to have.

However, understanding only the market trends isn’t enough. You will have to be equipped with the information on how to register a new company. This basically means that you will need to be knowledgeable in two of the toughest disciplines, including medicine and business, to start a dental clinic by yourself.

In this article, we discuss some important dental industry trends and also the company registration process for a dental clinic so you will be up and running in no time.


What is a Dental Clinic?

A dental clinic is a place where dentists treat their patients. A dentist opens a dental clinic or can work in someone else’s dental clinic where patients currently having any dental problems can visit and get their treatment. A dental clinic also consists of a pharmacy where dental medicines and items such as toothbrushes are sold.


Industry Practices to Know Before Starting a Dental Clinic in the United Kingdom

Before you call a corporate service provider in United Kingdom, it is important for you to understand the trends and prepare accordingly to start your business.

3D Printing Appliances

3D printing or additive manufacturing is one of the newest dentistry trends that you can’t miss out on. With 3D printing, the biggest benefit is with the replacements; you can create an exact shape as desired. You can create perfect fitting crowns, bridges and orthodontic devices for your patients.

The application of 3D printing appliances is very vast in dentistry. With 3D printing, dentists these days also create drill guides for dental implants. Furthermore, 3D printing can make the treatment more effective by first giving dentists a sample. For example, you can take a 3D scan of your patient’s mouth to create a digital 3D model of the teeth. Thus, you can visualise the procedure, and this will help both your patients and you to understand the procedure and how to eventually move forward with it.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing isn’t just a trend for dental clinics but for any kind of business in existence today. Especially with the pandemic and limited traditional marketing methods, digital marketing is the new normal. Of course, you can do digital marketing on your own, but many will recommend you to hire an expert owing to how complicated it is these days.

There are many channels of digital marketing. Some include Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, etc. Of course, you may not use all of them and focus mostly on one channel, but understanding all of them in-depth will give you an idea of which one you should prioritise. However, for a dental clinic, both SEO and Social Media Marketing can be goldmines to find patients.

Website Creation

Constant communication is a requirement to run a profitable dental clinic. Your patients may constantly want to talk to you, so they will also want to know about a platform where you can reach them instantly.

You need to create a fully functional website. With the website, you can reach out to new people, of course, but it will also allow you to chat with your existing patients in a professional way. Another benefit is online appointments. Many clinics these days give online consultancy to patients, the concept of which, again, is becoming more popular because of the pandemic.

Membership Plans

One of the challenges in the dental clinic business is people’s mindset that dental services are extremely expensive. This is one of the reasons many seem to neglect the good care of their teeth. If you experience that as well, there just maybe something that may work wonders for you.

You can start a membership service in your clinic. Like in a gym, people can buy a membership and visit you or take online appointments regularly. Of course, this means you will need to give extra discounts, but the membership model of business has proven beneficial for many dental clinics in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Laser Dentistry and Teledentistry

The dental trends are very much based on making your practice more accessible and more efficient for your patients. Furthermore, you need to make sure that you stand toe to toe with your competitors. You will have a great chance of succeeding if you provide everything and even more than your competitors. Thus, both laser dentistry and teledentistry have made the list.

With laser dentistry, the treatment becomes fast and less painful. Furthermore, there generally is less bleeding and faster healing. This, in turns, will not only help at the moment, but your patients can also pass the words of how easy your treatments are. Similarly, teledentistry is the use of Information and Communications for providing your services. It includes but is not only limited to online consultations, accessing remote information in real-time, and more. Thus, it will help both you and your administrative staff to retrieve data and provide great services.

Natural Oral Healthcare

People these days aren’t only looking for treatment but also for a permanent cure for their ailment. You will be getting a lot of questions from your patients on how they can take care of their dental hygiene in the long term, and for that, you can create some natural oral healthcare plans and facilities.

Along with the medicines, you will need to provide tongue cleaners, oral irrigators, warm seal saltwater, and other oral healthcare products. Special fluoride-free toothpaste is necessary for any dentist pharmacy. You can also create special brochures and content for your patients to follow to take care of their teeth and mouth naturally. Many industry experts recommend you include holistic treatment methods in your plans.


Steps for Starting a Dental Clinic in the United Kingdom

Now that you know some of the trends and industry practices let us discuss the actual registration process. Here are the steps to register a company in the United Kingdom:

Find the Right Location

The location is based on where you want to operate, but you should also study the potential competition. You should try your best to start your clinic in a location with many potential patients and not already a lot of dental clinics. Furthermore, your location can also influence the licenses you need.

Choose a Company Structure

If you are from the United Kingdom, you can open a sole proprietorship, partnership, or a limited company. Given the operations of a dental clinic, a private limited company can be the best option. However, you are still free to research these business structures on your own and choose one, depending on your preference.

Choose a Company Name

You can’t use vulgar, sensitive, or offensive names. Furthermore, you can’t use a name that is similar to or exactly the same as other company names. Of course, trademarked names are also out of bounds. You should brainstorm for a unique name that is easy to remember. Better come up with some alternatives in case your names are rejected.

Register Your Company

The registration process depends on the type of company you choose. Also, the registration process is different for foreigners and locals. While registering, you also have to make sure you hire all the essential stakeholders and staff like shareholders, directors, etc. For information, here is a guide to United Kingdom company registration.

Register For the Taxes

If you haven’t yet, you also have to register for the corporate tax. It is better that you do it with a United Kingdom company incorporation service provider, as they can give you tips on making the process easier, and they can also later help with your taxes.


What Licences Do I Need For Starting a Dental Clinic in the United Kingdom?

After you register your company, you have to get all the necessary licenses to start operating. Now, the best way to find what licenses you need would be to talk with a legal expert. However, to give you a rough idea, here are some tasks and the licenses you may need for starting a dental clinic in the United Kingdom:

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Authorisation: To Offer credit to your customers.

Notification to Process Personal Data: To process personal information about any individuals, including customers, employees etc.:

Public space surveillance (CCTV) Licence: To use CCTV systems

Consumer Credit Licence: To allow the use of customer credits

Notification of Work with ionising radiation: To use X-ray equipment (This license is only applicable for England, Scotland, and Wales).

Again, please contact a legal expert. You can also ask your company registration service provider to apply for the licenses for you.

The above was information on starting a dental clinic in the United Kingdom. You can let us know if you have any inquiries or feedback. Or you can also contact us if you want expert help for registering your company. We are a team of seasoned accounting, taxation, and legal experts who can make your company registration a breeze.

Starting a Dental Clinic in the United Kingdom