Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Health Food Store Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Health Food Store Business in the United KingdomThe people are more concerned about their fitness and everything that is associated with their health. Food is among one of them. Therefore, starting a health food store business in the United Kingdom is popular among entrepreneurs. It is highly lucrative and easy to start by any person having a good business sense.

The rising technology such as genetic modification has bolstered the health food store business. Health food store consists of natural and healthy foods that are free of insecticides and pesticides. Organic food items are popular among them. Numerous health food stores offer varieties of products and services.

Though organic foods are healthy and are innocuous to the environment, they are expensive. So, it’s better to specify a niche initially while starting a health food store business. Health store also supplies herbs, vitamins, and supplements as alternatives for medicines. Moreover, they offer services such as aromatherapy, allergy testing, etc.

Your health store business can be more successful if you have knowledge regarding nutrition and related fields. It helps you to convince consumers on buying the products and explain to them the purpose of your products and services. You may have to face an abundance of paperwork, and stocks, extending your work to hours. However, with the right efforts and determination, you can have a successful health store startup.


All you Need to Know for Starting a Health Food Store Business

Are you planning to start a health store business in your community? Here are a few approaches you must consider to make your business successful.

Plan to Set Up Your Business

A defined plan sets the path for your success. Plan the ways to target your customers, the finance, and the resources you would require to start.

Build a Business Entity

Select the entity you prefer. There are sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC, and partnership. Do your research and select the one that fascinates you.

Tax Registration

You need an employer identification number to register for tax. And, tax registration is crucial for your business to comply with the laws. Taxes are levied based on your business enterprises.

Set Up Accounting for the Business

Accounting and bookkeeping keep records of your finances. You can set track of your goals and net profits by maintaining accounts of your business.

Get the Required Licenses and Permits

You need state permits to start a business and a certificate of occupancy to locate your business physically. You may require other certificates, too, depending upon the products and services you choose to offer.

Market Your Business

You can find a glut of health stores. But, your goal should target potential customers. Make your store known to the mass of the population. You can do this by creating a website for your business and retaining the customers by providing rewards, discounts, etc.

Make Your Business Communicative

Try to reach out to your customers. Make them feel that they are important to you.

These are some simple steps you should consider for starting a health food store business in the United Kingdom. If you find challenges in any of the steps mentioned above, company incorporation services in the UK can provide you with all the guidance to set up your business hassle-free.


Registration Process for Starting a Health Food Store Business

As all kinds of businesses require registration, certification, and licenses to initiate, you’ll also need one to start your business. Primarily, you must be registered with the local council. The registration ensures that you are following the law, and it makes it easy to audit your business.

You can register your business online by following the steps provided on the government website. Alternatively, you can visit 3E Accounting for a guide to company registration. You are mandated to register your business premises that are used for selling, dispensing, preparing, and storing food. This registration must be done prior to 28 days of starting a health food store business.

You also need to submit the plan and procedure of food safety and management to the council for registering your health store. The application doesn’t require any fee. Finally, once your registration form is deemed justifiable, your health food store business is registered with the council. Also, the information you’ve provided is returned back to you as a confirmation letter, and you should check if they’re accurate.

The registration certificate does not have an expiry date. However, if you’ve made any changes to your business-like, like the name or entity of the business, you should notify the council. Also, the council should be informed if you plan to change the premise or nature of your business.


Licenses and Permits Required for Starting a Health Food Store Business

Business startups come up with several business licenses. These licenses depend upon the type of products and services you choose to offer to the consumers. Here are some of the licenses and permits that may be mandated to you for starting a health food store business.

Local Council License

It ensures that your business is registered with the council and complies with all the laws.

Permits and License for Premise

A certificate of occupancy is required to establish your business physically.

Music License

You need to obtain a music license from PPL PRS to play recorded music or live music in your store.

License for CCTV

CCTV is used for the security of your business. However, you need to acquire a license from SIA (Security Industry Authority) to record the activities in private or public.

Permits for Temporary Event

Suppose you’re planning to conduct an event regarding awareness of healthy or organic food in an open space that isn’t licensed. You are obliged to take permission from the local authority.

Permits From Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

This permit is required if your business sells or stores any dangerous substances.

License for Market Stall

It’s essential when you’re planning to have a stall in the market. You can have a temporary or permanent license from the local authority. But, the temporary license should be renewed on a timely basis.

Permits for Leaflet Distribution

If you’re distributing leaflets to advertise your business, you’ll need the permission of the local authority to do so.

Pedlar’s Certificate

Many people are offering services at the doorstep. You need to obtain a pedlar’s certificate to sell your products on foot.

License for Vehicle

You should apply to DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency) to deliver your products and services using vehicles.


Importance of Registration, Permits, and Licenses for Starting a Health Food Store Business

Following are the listed purposes of obtaining permits, licenses, and registration for starting a health food store business.

  • Ensures health and safety of the consumers and employee
  • Maintains the best practice of your business
  • Makes your business responsible
  • Keeps track of finances and profits of your business

3E Accounting is the United Kingdom corporate service provider that knows the value of a business license and its effect on your business. Therefore, it seeks the best for your commercial activities by helping to take the right track on your business.


Business Insurance For Health Food Store Business

Insurance provides financial and emotional security to your business. You can carry out any business activities in relief. There are many business insurances. Some of them are worker’s compensation insurance and public liability insurance.

Worker’s compensation insurance covers the claim that your staff makes for injury or accidents in the working period. Public liability insurance holds the claim for the damage or injury done to the public by your products. Or if the public makes any defaming claims to your business.

Likewise, there are many other business insurances available to secure your business. You can choose them based on your preferences.

Starting a Health Food Store Business in the United Kingdom



The essence of the organic food market and health stores is increasing as people become more concerned about health. Moreover, the serious health problems arising in people are making the demand for nutrition, herbal remedy, and dietary supplements huge. The health food store is taking the market incessantly. If you are also interested in starting a health food store business in a simple way: contact 3E Accounting.