Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Burglar Alarm Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Burglar Alarm Business in the United Kingdom Imagine this scenario for a moment. You’ve just become the owner of a brand new home. You’ve invested a lot of money renovating the place and furnishing. One day, you come home and realize your home has been broken into. That is a scenario no homeowner ever wants to imagine, and that is why starting a burglar alarm business is an idea to explore.

Is starting a burglar alarm business a good idea? The answer is yes, especially when all homeowners today are concerned with the safety and security of their property. Homeowners are willing to pay to have their property safeguarded against thieves and burglars. Starting your own business can be a challenge, especially when you have to comply with the stringent British standards.

When you’re not local to the country, navigating through all those nitty-gritty paperwork and procedures can be challenging. Your United Kingdom company incorporation is the easy part. However, there is a lot more that goes into starting and running a business. This is where this guide comes in handy.


The First Step to Starting a Burglar Alarm Business

A burglar alarm business is also sometimes referred to as a home security business. This type of business provides a service that secures the entry points of a property by using a system that consists of interworking devices and components. This could include doors, windows, and even certain areas of the home where valuable items might be stored.

Home security systems and devices could range from control panels to door and window sensors. Some companies offer motion sensors in the interior and exterior of the home. Some burglar alarm businesses have security cameras that are wired or wireless as part of their package, while others may offer customers an alarm with a high-pitched decibel.

The primary goal of the business is to offer homeowners a form of protection. While there may be many companies in the United Kingdom already offering this type of service, the main difference lies in the products and services that are offered. Before starting a burglar alarm business, there is something else that must be done first. You need to research your target market.

You need to invest the time spent to conduct thorough market research at the location where you intend to set up your business. You need to research your target demographic, who your competitors are, what your customers are looking for, what type of systems your competitors are offering customers, and more. Before you approach a United Kingdom company incorporation services provider like 3E Accounting, you should have a good idea and be well-informed about the location you intend to set up your business. If you need help in this aspect, our 3E Accounting team will be happy to assist with this as well.

Why Do Your Research?

Why does investing all that time into research matter? Because your research will tell you whether you picked the right location to launch your business. Your research will tell you the level of demand in the area and what you can do to meet that demand. This is how you make your business the go-to business for your customers. Your research reveals your customer profile, and from there, it is easy to pinpoint what products or services you need to include in your business.

Your research also leads you to the next two phases of the process, which are the business registration process and what licenses and permits you need.


The Business Registration Process

All burglar alarm businesses and private security businesses based in the United Kingdom are regulated by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). The SIA was formed under the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

The SIA will be responsible for regulating the compulsory licensing required for those operating in this security industry. This ensures that those running the business are fit to do so and have received the appropriate training for the role. The SIA also regulates the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS). The ACS provides the industry-standard framework for setting up the business, as well as how to improve and monitor these standards.

Once you’re ready to commence starting a burglar alarm business, you have two options. The first is to enlist the help of a United Kingdom corporate service provider like 3E Accounting. The second is to attempt to do it yourself. The first way is going to save you time and effort because unless you’re a citizen of the United Kingdom, you’re not going to be familiar with the inner workings of the business industry. There are a lot of little aspects and points you might not even be aware of.

Gathering the paperwork and getting your company registered is much easier when you enlist the help of a professional. Not only is it easier, but the process is going to be much faster too. As a team of trained professionals with decades of industry experience, we know exactly what you need to get your business up and to run quickly. Our insight is going to prove to be your biggest asset. So make the business set-up process as easy as it can be when you make us part of your team.

Quick Steps to Starting Your Business

To start your business in the United Kingdom, here is a checklist you would need to follow:

  • Research and choose your new business name
  • Choose your preferred legal structure
  • Gather your documents and prepare for the registration process
  • Prepare your business plan
  • Secure the adequate funding needed
  • Buy the necessary business insurance
  • Organize a professional services provider like 3E Accounting to handle your taxes


Licenses and Permits You Need

The licenses you require will depend on the services you intend to offer after starting a burglar alarm business. For example, if your business offers CCTV as part of your product and service range, you would require a license from the SIA for the CCTV. The SIA has a range of licenses they offer, and you’ll need to check what licenses will cover all the necessary aspects of your business. You might have to obtain more than one license.

Before you apply for your SIA licenses, you must prove that you are qualified to offer such a service in your business. To do this, you would need to complete a training course. At the end of the course, you will earn your SIA-approved qualification. Without this accreditation, your license application is going to be rejected by the SIA.

Besides acquiring the licenses required by the SIA and the ACS, your business must also be able to demonstrate that it meets the United Kingdom industry quality standards for security. This includes NSI, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, the Safe Contractor Scheme, and Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS).


Let’s Work Together to Launch Your Future

Starting a burglar alarm business doesn’t have to be a headache. Let us work together to help you launch your future. With a team of experts on your side, your business will be in good hands from start to finish.

For more information about our company incorporation services, contact 3E Accounting today.


Starting a Burglar Alarm Business in the United Kingdom