Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Home Care Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Home Care Business in the United KingdomHome care business involves a wide range of services, including both non-medical care and skilled care. Non-medical care includes the activities like helping with household chores such as housekeeping, meal preparation, etc. Skilled home care includes the therapeutic services as that of hospital settings provided in-home. This article mainly deals with various aspects of starting a home care business in the United Kingdom.

Elderly people and working adults mainly require home care businesses. There are lots of such individuals requiring home care facilities in the United Kingdom. Therefore, the agencies concerned with the home care business can make lots of profits by providing beneficial services.

Starting a home care business requires reliable and qualified staff. There are many agencies offering home care services. So, to stand out among them, you must be able to manage the staff and have the required qualifications and experience in the care sector. It may also be necessary to provide training to your staff before recruiting them for the job.

You can start home care services from the home itself. This way you can save your costs for the office space. However, the startup may charge you high costs for obtaining licenses, registration process, training to staff, etc. Moreover, it’s worth starting a home care business in your local area and assessing the demand for care services.


Key Steps You Must Follow for Starting a Home Care Business

Create a Business Plan

A business plan helps to track your business visions and goals. Determine your target market, make your SMART goals, and create a mission to make your business unique.

Plan the home care services you’ll offer and categorize them. Fix the price for the services and plan a strategy to sell your services to the customers in the most appealing way. Like a complete business plan, you should make an overview of the summary of your business.

Manage Your Finances

The first thing you should do is to create a bank account for your business. It helps to track your income and payable charges incurred in the business. Next, you should plan a budget that involves your initial expenditure and other expenses. It’s essential to understand the cash flow that occurs in your business.

Comply With Rules and Regulations

Before starting a home care business, you should have an idea of the necessary regulations so that you won’t break the law. Initially, you must register with CQC (Care Quality Commission) to start a home care business. Subsequently, you should set policies for your business after the registration.

There’s a certain charge you should pay for the registration. Once you’re done registering your business, you can provide services to your clients. And, as you’d be responsible for their well-being, it’s wise to get the relevant business insurance. A UK corporate service provider can help you find the essential insurance services for starting a home care business.

Market Your Business

Communication is important to market your business. A strong marketing strategy helps your company to stand out amongst the competitors. Launch the campaign to raise awareness about home care and get new customers. Moreover, continue your marketing to be in front of your target audience.


Registration Process for Starting a Home Care Business

Registration of your business ensures that you’re providing optimal care to the clients without compromising any health benefits. You must primarily register with CQC (Care Quality Commission) to start a home care business. It’s mandatory under the Act 2008 of Health and Social Care.

The business entity could either be a sole entity or partnership, or organization. Also, it’s mandatory to register the manager if your business is started as an organization or partnership. The manager should possess relevant qualifications and skills for the care as required by CQC.

There are application forms that you should submit to the CQC. Along with the application, you should provide the following details:

  • Details of the address providing the home care services.
  • The services and care you intend to provide to your clients.
  • Documents as evidence for your compliance with the required laws.
  • Documents that show your business is in accordance with the safety and quality standards.

There are no application charges for the registration process. However, you should pay the annual fee after the business registration. If you find any trouble registering your business, a United Kingdom company registration expert will provide solid support to set up your business.


Licenses and Permits Required for Starting a Home Care Business

The requirements to obtain licenses and permits may vary between the states or localities. Yet, there are some common permits and licenses that you must acquire to start residential care services.

Business License

Every business, including the home care business, requires obtaining a business license from the local council. This license ensures that your business is under local jurisdiction. Sometimes, a general business license may not be suitable for carrying out commercial activities in the local area. Therefore, you must consider the local regulations and, if different than a general business license, get a local license.

Professional License

Home care businesses can provide a wide range of services. Not all of them may require licensing. Therefore, you should get the information from the business office for the services that require licensing. For example, you must obtain a license for providing nursing care.

Sales Tax License

A sales tax license is usually part of a business license. But, the rules can vary between the states or localities that necessitates having a separate sales tax license. In such cases, you can obtain it from the local department.

Sign Permit

Many individuals keep the sign in front of their houses to market the business. This is strictly forbidden if you don’t have permission from local ordinances. If you’re on rent, you also need permission from the landlord.


Insurance Required for Home Care Business

Home care businesses are responsible for the health and well-being of their clients. Therefore, it’s a risky business. And, it’s good news that insurance covers the claims made against your business. Here are some of the business insurance you should consider.

  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Employer’s liability insurance
  • Treatments liability insurance
  • Medical malpractice cover

These are various ranges of insurance that secure your business from huge financial charges. You can also obtain this insurance in the form of a package rather than having them individually. 3E Accounting provides you with comprehensive company incorporation services. It guides you to find a cost-effective insurance policy and helps with all matters regarding your business.


Skills You Must Have for Starting a Home Care Business

Home care services can be rewarding as well as challenging at the same time. Many of the services require specific qualifications to perform the job well. Still, the services that do not require any skill should have some qualifications to perform the task. So, here are some of the skills that you must have to start a home care business.

You Should Be Caring

Home care is some kind of medical or non-medical assistance. You should be able to make the clients feel that you care. For this, you can either be communicative or have a genuine concern for them.

Treat Respectfully

Home care business offers its services to people from many backgrounds and cultural beliefs. You must show respect irrespective of any differences with your clients.

Be Friendly and Flexible

Being friendly and flexible fosters your relationship with the clients. And, also creates a comfortable environment to work. This way, you can make your client happy.

You Should Be Reliable

Your reliability helps to build trust in your business. Home care services are the lifelines for many elderly and vulnerable individuals. Therefore, you should make your client feel that you are responsible and punctual.


You should be empathetic towards your clients. Knowing what your customers are going through helps you to provide care in a better way. This can make your clients feel safe too.

Be Confident

You may have to travel between places during work. This is why you must be confident to work alone and know what you’re doing is best for your clients.

Starting a Home Care Business in the United Kingdom



Home care business can be the perfect business opportunity for you if you’re a confident and professional care provider. Your business can succeed in no time by providing quality care and complying with all business regulations. Contact us to get aid from a professional team and start your business efficiently.