Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Security Company in the United Kingdom

Starting a Security Company in the United KingdomIn recent years, crime rates in the United Kingdom have intensified. News reports reveal the rise of robberies and violent crimes within the year, along with the threat of terrorism. This marks people’s social awareness, so starting a security company is good to start up to make the public safer.

The demand for the police force was strengthened as well as the need for private security. Private security services whether CCTV monitoring or proximity bodyguarding is on a hike. If you dream of starting a security business company, this is the best time to kick off.

3E Accounting will direct you as you start from scratch your company in this tough industry. If you wish to run an unassailable security company through first-rate security services, look through this article. Allow your company to stand out in the industry by providing a high standard of security services in the UK.

Experience in the security service industry is an advantage when setting up your own security company. This experience will mold your skills that are useful in carrying out your business goals. It will also help in having easier access to contacts for possible clients when your business is running a start.


Security Business Ideas

Security businesses can be categorized into three major types. They are private security businesses, security consultancies, and cybersecurity promises.

The first one is private security businesses. This provides services to avoid damage, theft, and outlawed entry to the property or an individual. Services include bodyguards, guard dogs, parking security, CCTV monitoring, and security guards. Next is security consultancies. Unlike private security businesses, they lend advice in creating security strategies and budgets. They perceive and take care of security threats against organizations and individuals. The third one is cybersecurity companies. They protect individuals and organizations from cyber threats through products and services.

However, this article will focus on private security companies. Starting a security company that would serve well starts in the specialized area you choose. Services may include manned guarding, bodyguarding, door supervisors or bouncers, guard dog provision, CCTV monitoring, and vehicle parking security.


Choosing Your Security Company Niche

Experience is a must when working on your security business niche. It would be more convenient if you would pick an area where you have some background and knowledge. Through that, you will be directed on how it will work to be professional and efficient.

To establish your security company, assure that there is enough demand for service in your region. Looking into existing security businesses could provide you information on how to outstand your competitors. Knowing what they offer would help you upgrade your services. Explore the services you can provide that your competitors cannot.

You may also reach out to the in-crowd owning businesses and different organizations to inquire about their high-priority security demands. For further details about creating your business niche, you may get in touch with 3E Accounting to guide you. You may also seek advice from firms that provide company incorporation services in the United Kingdom.


Licenses and Regulations

Securing a license from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) is very essential to legally run your security business. There are a variety of licenses they offer, and you must register all the activities your company will offer. Remember that to be fully certified, you must pass the training course and several exams. Without acquiring them, starting a security company would be impossible.

Along with an equipped and accomplished company, you must ensure skilled security staff. You must guarantee that the workforce of your company is fully licensed. They must also be competent and go through tight drilling. The security industry is loaded with tough regulations and licensing requirements that you must adhere to set off authorized. If you want to have a legally compliant business, check out this guide to company registration in the United Kingdom.

Acquiring the right insurance is critical in starting a security company. It is a statutory requirement and will protect the company with possible expensive matters to deal with. This will also persuade your prospective clients that you run your company reliably. You may also apply for accreditations that would make your company name appear more credible. This will ensure that you reach the UK security industry’s current quality standards. Consider applying for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SIA Approved Contractor Scheme, and Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS).

Joining the International Professional Security Association (IPSA), a security industry organization, would also be useful to you. The association’s goal is to boost professionalism, standards, and training in the security sector. Doing this will reflect the company that you are devoted to offering quality services to your clients. You also need to obtain the necessary insurance cover required as a professional in the security industry. This includes public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, employer’s liability insurance, and efficacy and contractual liability cover. To make this procedure easy-going, contact a corporate service provider in the United Kingdom.


Costing to Start a Security Company

A successful company calls for initial cost outlays to support legal fees, equipment, and other expenses incurred. Insurance and licenses cost an amount of application fee, so you need to suit your budget. For the equipment, it depends on the service you intend to offer. Generally, you will need a means of communication for the security personnel and office staff. You may have walkie-talkies, personal microphones, and earpieces, or dedicated mobile plans. Recording events is an important task, so you must have notebooks and pens to take down notes. A digital camera in replace of security cameras is also useful for documentation. And a tool belt to keep your hands free.

Uniforms are a must in a professional security company. It can be simple and inexpensive, but consider the nature of business for specialist items. Examples are high-visibility jackets, bullet-proof and stab-proof vests, and cut-protection leather gloves.

The salary requirement is at least minimum wage yet, it must reflect the experience and skills of the staff. As well as wage varies whether they are permanent staff, sub-contractual, or freelancers. You may refer to the government career service, as it provides a guide for the expected earnings of security officers. But if you are having worries about dealing with business incorporation, you may contact us to help you out.


Getting Clients

Attracting clients will supply your revenues and make the company grow. If you have previous experience in the field, gathering clients would be more convenient. Your previous contacts may serve as your initial potential clients. Except that, you may develop other strategies to accommodate a wider market.

Upon planning your business, you must have dived into the research of who can serve as your potential clients. They may be organizations, agencies, individuals, or events that would need security services to call upon. In contacting your customers, be straightforward and intelligible in discussing the benefits of availing of your service. Explain how you will spot, deal with, and solve threats and security issues.

Asking for referrals from your current clients would also help in the expansion of the business. That is you must continue to provide a high-rate quality service for you to be recommended. Excellent service is a good capital to invest in, for you to attract more clients.

Aside from that, creating a website is also a good strategy to consider. Websites allow clients to view, visit, and inquire about the details and ratings of your company. You may also use the internet for opportunities of bidding to apply for contracts in need of security services.


Hiring Security Staff

Employing enough staff to carry out your service is fundamental in starting a security company. But to assure the excellent quality of your services, you should look for qualified candidates. You may post a job vacancy on recruitment websites with a detailed job profile for your perceived candidate. You may also make contact with a local security training school to ask for alumni or recommended students. But you may also consider word-of-mouth referrals by your friends, family, or industry peers.

A perfect candidate should match the nature of the service of your company. But there are some basic qualifications for a good security candidate. First is a clean criminal background. Referring to British Standard Institution’s BS7858 standard, employees must pass the screening. Next is, they must possess the SIA qualifications as well as licenses.

You should also evaluate the social skills and attitude of the candidate. They must be approachable, yet they must know how to exercise authority. A perfect candidate should also be able to write legibly and comprehensively for security reports. Lastly, their capabilities in using the specialized equipment and technology according to the nature of your service must be exceptional. It is important to employ the best people suited in your company to carry out a high-class quality of your company service.

Starting a Security Company in the United Kingdom