Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Mobile DJ Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Mobile DJ Business in the United KingdomSome people have turned their passion as a DJ from a hobby to a lucrative business. Starting a mobile DJ business in the United Kingdom is a more exciting business that’s worth exploring. The business will require you to get the equipment first, which might be expensive, but you’ll make a good living once you get the gigs.

Here’s a guide on starting a mobile DJ business in the United Kingdom.


Industry Practice

When we talk about mobile DJ, it can mean several different things and serve several functions. One of the simple answers is someone who travels to various venues playing music for particular events organized by a client. They often bring their own equipment to the venue and play to a brief set by the client. On certain occasions, they play the requested genre or avoid that altogether. Certain types of mobile DJ such as wedding DJs must always prepare to take requests; however, not all will do so.

Being a mobile DJ has changed over time, where; in the past, you had to have a vinyl deck which meant a lot of hard work.

For you to play several requests, you had to take hundreds of vinyl with you. Though there was not much competition then, mobile DJs made a reasonably good income.

Some of the specific events that mobile DJs play include the following:

  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Anniversaries
  • Engagements
  • Fashion shows
  • Product launch parties
  • Birthdays
  • And many others

Currently, mobile DJs have an easy time as they now need a laptop, USB sticks, and a DJ controller to easily carry thousands of tracks and the equipment itself. The mobile DJ business has seen DJs promoting themselves as event organizers. This means they play a role in how the event venue will look for decoration and running order.


Business Registration Process

Starting a mobile DJ business in the United Kingdom needs the right skills and experience. As a businessman, it gets easier when you understand the industry really well.

Here are some of the things you should take into consideration before company incorporation services in the UK.

Have Expertise for the Mobile DJ Business

For the success of your business, you need to have some level of experience and skills, to begin with. However, you can work with an established DJ as an assistant.

Research the Target Market

As an aspiring businessman, you should understand the target market before launching your business. It is vital to estimate how much you’ll get. Find out who are other DJs around your area you’re up against. You can attend some of their gigs and get the feel of their style and popularity. Again, spend time thinking about who is likely to book your DJ services and the type of booking.

Alternatively, you can get some work from established DJs who might not fulfill some of their bookings. Begin by sending your publicity material to well-known DJs in your area, along with a note stating your availability and the type of service you offer.

Pricing Your Services

To build up your reputation, you may as well accept little money or do it for free on some bookings. However, you must develop your pricing policy in the long run once you’re working on a commercial basis. You must ensure that your fees are sufficient enough to cover all your overheads and make some profit margin. It is best to find out what other mobile DJs are charging to determine how to price your services.

Register Your Business

Before starting a mobile DJ business in the United Kingdom, you must first determine the type of legal structure. You can go for a sole proprietorship, partnership, or register a company. All the UK company registration can be done at the Companies House. Ensure that you have all the legal documents necessary for company registration.

Develop a Promotional Plan

Being new in the business means not many people will know your existence. Therefore, you need to promote your mobile DJ services business. Some of the methods include passing out flyers or business cards to clubs or college campuses. Again, you can network with event planners and stakeholders within the industry. Getting your business on social media platforms is another way of promoting your business. Make sure you describe the kind of services you’re offering to your target audience. Put the right content which resonates with your clients.

Creating a Website

When your business has that online presence, it means you’re going to reach out to many audiences. You can only do that by creating a simple website where you’ll describe your services. On the contact section of your website, remember to provide your contacts to reach out to you.

Get the Necessary Permits and License

Organizing a gig without acquiring the correct permits can put your business in jeopardy. Find out with the local authorities and the respective departments how you can secure permits and licenses. Again, you must confirm with the event organizer whether they have secured a permit for the venue.

Develop a Business Plan

A successful business has a solid business plan in place. You must develop a plan that focuses on the critical areas of marketing, operations, and finance. Your marketing strategy should align with your business objectives, mission, and vision statement. Polish every financial issue as it may mark as a key indicator for even landing funds from financiers.

Get an Insurance Policy Cover

While starting your mobile DJ business in the United Kingdom, you must safeguard your business and property from any eventualities.

For you to do that, you must get an insurance policy. Start with public liability insurance which covers legal liability if you’re deemed liable for an accident. These could be damages to the venue or injury to an individual at the gig. Another policy is the equipment cover which covers loss or damage of your equipment either at home or out and about. Other insurance policies to consider include performance cover—which covers loss of earnings alongside hiring and alternative music equipment, among other things.


Licenses, Permits, and Regulations

As a professional mobile DJ, you should be aware of legal matters that relate to the business.

Do I need a license as a mobile DJ?

Music Performance Licensing (The Music License)

When starting a mobile DJ business in the United Kingdom, the first license to secure is the music license from PPL PRS. The license permits you to play music for customers or employees legally. We have special licensing tariffs for mobile DJs; however, they need not get this license for themselves. This is because the host venue covers the license. For more information, one can contact PPL PRS for more advice and clarification.

ProDub License (Copying Copyright Music)

As an entrepreneur, you must obtain permission when you’re transferring copyright music from one format to another. The process is under the special ProDub license—a single license covering copyright in the music work and sound recording. This license allows you to copy, burn or transfer music from CD, MP3, or vinyl to a digital format such as an MP3 player, laptop, or flash drive. The authority issues you with a certificate once you get this license, which you must keep with you all time while working. You can get more information about this license on the PRS for a music website or inquiry more from a corporate service provider such as 3E Accounting.

Entertainment Licensing

Some venues may be required to have an entertainment license or even a temporary event notice on the other front. This may apply to a particular type of public performance. More often, it is the venue that secures license; however, if you’re promoting your own event, then you might be required to get one.

Background Checking

It is vital to get information about background checking, especially when you’re hosting a kids’ party or school disco. You can check the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) section of the government website for more information.

Public Liability Insurance

As a precautionary measure, your business has to have insurance cover, especially public liability insurance. This is to safeguard you from clients who might lay complaints against you or your business. Clients may feel secure working with you if you have such insurance.


It would help if you always had a written contract while engaging your clients is essential. You must clearly outline the terms and conditions, especially the fees and when you should receive payment. Again, it is necessary to include your limit of liability. Besides that, you should never exclude the conditions for cancellation by the client. If there’s a cancellation, you can determine which percentage of the fee the client will refund. If you’re seeking any assistance, you can always contact 3E Accounting.


Starting a Mobile DJ Business in the United Kingdom