Beginner’s Guide on Starting an Internet Cafe Business in the United Kingdom

Starting an Internet Cafe Business in the United KingdomIf you are searching for a profitable business to invest your money in, you could consider starting an Internet Cafe Business in the United Kingdom. Internet cafes are still a viable business option today, even though they are not as popular as they were 20 years ago. In those days, people had not yet begun using smartphones, and playing PC games was the trend. Even now, you will find cybercafés everywhere in the United Kingdom, though there are fewer than earlier.

If you want your internet cafe business to run exceedingly well and make profits, you will need to provide other services as well to attract customers. If you study the market for internet cafes well and conduct a lot of research, you can still hope to make excellent profits. Or, you can always find a United Kingdom corporate service provider to help you set up your business.


Industry Practices for Internet Cafe Business in the United Kingdom

The peak period for internet cafes was the 1990s. Back then, people rarely had internet connections at their homes. People used to flock to cafes to browse the internet, play their favorite games, check their inboxes, or do other computer-related tasks.

Then, with the advent of smartphones, internet access became easier, and people could get internet on the go using their mobiles, laptops, iPads, and other devices. However, even with such technological advancements, internet cafes still exist in today’s world. But they have undergone a transformation, and in addition to allowing users to browse the web or chat online, they now offer other services like photocopying, printing, and word processing. Some cafes even offer computer repair services, web design, or food and drinks to their customers. This means that internet cafes now need other revenue streams to keep their businesses afloat.

So, if you want to run your internet cafe successfully, you need to adapt to the changing trends and requirements of consumers and offer additional services as well.


Factors to Consider While Setting Up Your Internet Cafe Business

You need to keep in mind these factors while starting your internet cafe:


You will have to allow a significant amount for buying or leasing the space for your internet cafe. Then, you can set your spending limit for the amounts you will spend on your equipment, internet connection, and the additional services you will be providing like printing, faxing, and copying. You will need to spend money on an internet timing system to make sure users do not cross the time limit.


Your internet cafe’s success will hinge a lot on its location. So, look for a place where there is a greater demand for your services. Ideally, you should set up your cafe in a place where student density is higher. The area should be accessible to customers by public transportation. Moreover, there should also be ample facilities for parking nearby, and it should be safe enough for customers to leave vehicles during late hours at night.

Service Quality

You will get more customers if you provide a faster internet connection to the users than what they usually get. You have to ensure that the equipment and software you install at your cafe are high-quality, modern, and smart. Being friendly and helpful to your customers and making them comfortable will help you retain your existing customers and make them refer your cafe to others.

You should offer privileges like allowing customers to carry forward unused minutes when they come for their next session. The working hours of your cafe should be convenient for users. Another vital factor to take care of is the ambiance of your cafe. That is relaxing and comfortable enough for customers who may spend long hours inside.


Business Registration Procedure

Registering your business is the next step you need to take while starting an internet cafe business. It would be a good decision to enlist the services of an experienced provider like 3E Accounting, which is a specialist in company registration in the United Kingdom. Operating as a sole trader or a partnership would be a better option for this type of business. You also need to open a bank account for your business so that you do not mix personal and business transactions. Make sure that you get a comprehensive insurance policy that covers your entire premises and expensive equipment.


Licenses and Permits

You need to observe the rules and regulations set for internet cafes in the United Kingdom by the local authorities. Visit the website to get more information on essential licenses and permits. You will need the following licenses to run your cafe without trouble. Contact 3E Accounting, the best provider of United Kingdom company incorporation services, to know what permissions you will require for starting your internet cafe business.

  • You must ensure that you have the relevant licenses to run the software you will use in your cafe,
  • If you plan to serve food, there are strict regulations you need to comply with. You will need to register with the local authority’s environmental health department. You must dispose of food waste in the right manner. If you have plans to serve alcohol, you will need an appropriate license.
  • Another license you may need is a music license from PPL PRS, for which you can apply online.
  • Those installing CCTV will require to register as data users at the Information Commissioner’s Office.
  • Since people are not allowed to smoke in public places, you will need to set up no-smoking signs inside your premises.
  • You also need to follow the rules laid down for fire safety and workspace health and safety.
  • You will need to comply with the regulations laid down by the Environmental Protection Act for cafes.


Starting an Internet Cafe Business in the United Kingdom

Even though the market is highly competitive, with careful planning and smart choices, you can run your internet cafe successfully. Partnering with an experienced United Kingdom corporate service provider like 3E Accounting will be a very practical decision while starting an internet cafe. With our vast experience, our talented team will take care of all your tedious legal formalities. And help you navigate the business formation process easily. Contact us anytime you need more information on the procedure for starting your internet cafe business.