Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Picture Framing Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Picture Framing Business in the United KingdomDo you want to help customers showcase their paintings, photos, or artwork in a frame? If that’s the case, starting a picture framing business in the United Kingdom is the next business to venture into. Some of your customers will include individuals, business owners, art galleries, and photographers, among others. By understanding your craft well, you can build simple frames from wood, metal, or plastic.

Here’s a guide on starting a picture framing business in the United Kingdom that might help you!


Industry Practice

In recent times, we’ve seen ready-made, standard-sized frames become readily available at lower prices. This situation may have taken business away from various picture framing businesses, but individually made-to-measure frames continue to target the different markets. When starting a picture framing business in the United Kingdom, the popularity of the low-priced ready-made frames offers extra business opportunities.

Consequently, the rise of the web and e-commerce has resulted in the emergence of online framing specialists who make custom-sized frames in a wide range of different colors, styles, and materials. They have competitive prices within the market. The increased interest in art, antiques, photography, and interior design enables a consistent demand for picture frames and framing services. By partnering with galleries, artists, photographers to showcase their work, picture framers are responsible for the public presentation of art. The business does not require any formal training, but you can take classes to hone your skills if you’re a beginner.

As an entrepreneur, you must keep up to date with what’s happening in the sector. Trade associations such as the Crafts Council, which promotes modern crafts in the UK, allow a platform to showcase your products. The Rural Crafts Association supports handmade items at craft and trade fairs around the UK. Check out the guide to company registration in the UK on the government website.


Business Registration Process

Every business requires you to put commitment and hard work to succeed. Having some practical skills to set up a picture framing business is a bonus in achieving your set goals. But before starting a picture framing business in the United Kingdom, you must consider the following:

Research Your Market

Knowing your target market gives you a chance to strategize how you’re going to penetrate the market. Through market research, you’ll be able to understand how much demand your products are likely to experience. Again, you’ll understand the demography of your customers and their tastes and preferences. Some of your potential customers will include members of the public, businesses, and organizations. The demand for picture frames will be influenced by the size and nature of the local population and the economic state.

When analyzing your competitors,’ you should note the following:

  • The various types of picture frames and framing services they offer.
  • Whether they offer other services that may include repairs, restoration, among others.
  • If there are any particular features advertised.
  • The prices that they charge.

Pricing Your Service

After researching and checking your competitors’ pricing, you can then set your price and remain competitive. Always ensure that your selling price is sufficient to cover your operating cost. You can take into account the following:

  • The costing of raw material and quantity
  • The duration is taken to make the frame
  • A component to cover profit

Besides that, you’ll have to know how much it will cost you to offer other services. Find out how often you’ll review your prices and if you’ll offer discounts or special offers.

Advertising Your Business

When starting a picture framing business in the United Kingdom, you’ll need to get your business known. And the only way of doing that is by promoting your business to potential customers. One of the places that you can begin is through online advertising. You can create your social media platforms and showcase whatever products you have to offer. Other ways of advertising may include word of mouth, newspapers, directories, and magazines.

Register Your Business

However small your business may look, people will take you seriously if you register your business. You can register your business as a sole trader, limited partnership, or company in the UK. For you to complete the registration process, you must have your legal documents ready. The registration process is straightforward, but you can always consult a corporate service provider such as 3E Accounting United Kingdom if you find it challenging.

Secure Business Insurance

Just like with getting a license and permits, your business requires insurance to operate safely and lawfully. Business insurance will safeguard your company’s financial wellbeing in the event of a loss. Picture framers insurance is one policy that one can opt for as an aspiring businessman. The policy will cover you in the following areas:

  • Property and Material Damage: covers the physical assets of the business such as stock, business contents, including goods in transit, and loss of cash.
  • Business interruption: providing financial protection in regards to any reduction in turnover following material damage.
  • Combined Liability: Public liability, product liability, and employers’ liability.

Develop a Website

Once you’ve created your logo and your brand, the next vital step is to create a website for your business. Having a website means that you’ll have an online presence. You can also link your social media platform to your website. Ensure that you post high-resolution quality photos on your website. Share your contacts so that any potential customer can reach you for your services.

Develop Your Customer Profile

Getting your products to the right target customers is very fundamental. You can decide to sell directly to the public, open a shop or try online sales. However, you have to think carefully about the range of customers you’ll be targeting, considering your location, the people living there, and your skills and experience. Again, you will encounter different types of customers depending on the range of frames and services you offer. Defining your customer profile will help you know how to approach them and get them to buy your idea.

Selecting Your Niche

Starting a picture framing business in the United Kingdom gives you a chance to decide which area of the sector to specialize in. Once you have profiled your customer and identified their tastes and preferences, you can decide on the niche.

Create a Business Plan

The essence of coming up with a business plan is to have a framework on the direction you’re going with the business. Your business plan will act as a guideline, and it has to be clear, convincing, and easy to understand. Ensure that you set your goals, mission, and vision to align with your marketing strategy. Get your operational and financial strategy right and describe clearly how that’s achievable.


Licenses, Permits, and Regulations

When running a picture framing business, you must understand the rules and regulations that affect your business. It may include selling goods and services to the public, safeguarding employees, and general health and safety. Before even thinking of the process of company incorporation services in the UK, you must understand the rules and regulations in advance.

If you’re wondering whether there are licensing requirements for the picture framing business, then there is none. However, if you have to play background music on your premises, you’ll have to get a Music License from PPL PRS Ltd.

Safeguarding Original Designs

Knowing copyright law is essential as an entrepreneur, as it protects original designs, including ‘artistic craftsmanship.’ While producing distinct frame designs, you protect yourself from counterfeiting by registering your designs with the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO). For more information, check out the IPO section of the government website.

Retailing and Services

In this case, you have to take cognizance of legislation that applies to retail outlets and service providers to safeguard customers’ interests. For instance, you must ensure that you describe your goods and services correctly and the prices displayed. Besides that, you have to ensure that all frames and framing services fit their intended purpose and are of satisfactory quality. You can always check with the Fine Art Trade Guild, which provides members several benefits, including a legal advice line for help and matters of copyright and licensing issues.

Online Selling

If you have plans to sell your order or ready-made frames by mail order or online, you must understand the distance selling rules. The rules aim to protect the customer’s rights and specify that clear information concerning the goods provided.

Hazardous Substances

In circumstances where picture framers use hazardous substances, specific regulations cover the use, storage, and disposal of the substances. You have to ensure that you protect yourself and any employees from exposure to potentially harmful substances.

If you’re looking for further assistance concerning starting a picture framing business in the United Kingdom, you can contact us.

Starting a Picture Framing Business in the United Kingdom