Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Florist Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Florist Business in the United Kingdom Do you want to make money from your love of plants and flowers? If so, then starting a florist business is for you! As a new business owner looking to get your foot in the door, one of the most common obstacles that new flower business owners face is getting established. The natural suspicion that most people have towards the industry is high – after all, it involves getting something delivered to someone’s door. Nevertheless, this does not have to be the case. If you go about your business in the right way, the market can slowly but surely come to accept your products and services.

To start your own floristry business, you will need to meet your customers and suppliers. Start by contacting existing customers who are happy with the service and look for opportunities to promote your business. Grow relationships by sending gifts and offering discounts, recruiting experts who can advise on career options, and even opening bank accounts for your suppliers. Be careful not to oversell or undersell, as both can damage your business reputation. Florist businesses can be lucrative and rewarding, but they take time and patience to get right. The hard work starts now.


What is a Florist Business?

A floral business is a business that specializes in selling cut flowers. Most florist shops sell only one type of flower or decorative plant type. They may offer a wide selection of different flowers but specialize in a few different types. A florist is most often associated with a specific location, if not a particular floral kind of business, and stocks items based on demand. This business model relies on advertising and word-of-mouth marketing rather than mass advertising and fixed infrastructure like banks or large companies.

Florists work in the fast-growing and highly profitable industry of selling cut flowers and other floral products. These specialized businesses work hard to provide their clients with the highest quality and most artistic arrangements and arrangements that will last a lifetime. Every company has different needs, and customers will frequently ask questions about specific flower arrangements. A florist business can provide an excellent response to these questions, as every account is made with the best care and consideration to detail to guarantee complete customer gratification.


Different Types of Floristry Business

Flower Shop

Small-scale flower shop owners relying solely on their attention and creativity to bring smiles to those around them has remained consistent throughout this period. Their business strategies have evolved. Now, they are fighting an uphill battle against more significant, more established businesses that have flooded the market with product offerings no matter what.

Mobile Florist

Mobile florist businesses are thriving because people are willing to travel farther and spend more money when they have a personalized experience with a company. People want to make friends with the person selling flowers, local produce, or even meat at a flower shop because it adds value to their lives. It’s also a great way to support the local business without being cheap. Putting up with disgruntled shoppers or passive income may turn some people off flower sales, but providing people with options outside their local area is a boon for everyone.

Commercial Florist

A commercial florist includes florists who create arrangements for large-scale retailers and bouquet delivery services.

Independent Florist

In comparison to commercial florists, independent florists rely on their unique style to gain customers or clients. Typically, they operate from a home studio or rented spaces and work closely with their clients. They design floral creations that are artworks in themselves. This is mainly for events such as big birthday celebrations or weddings and styled fashion shoots. If you don’t know what type of florist business to conduct, you may contact 3E Accounting.


How to Start a Florist Business?

Businesses are constantly growing and changing. It’s scary and hard work, but the rewards are worth it. If you enjoy what you do, the more rewards and power your business will have, and the more likely your profits will be huge! Once you understand how to start a Florist business, the obstacles will all be revealed, and you can enjoy the ride. The key to creating a successful and passionate florist business is appropriately understanding your market and customer base.

Starting a florist business can be extremely rewarding. It can also be extremely risky, as you don’t know what the future holds. That’s why you need to start by identifying what type of florist service you want to provide, taking everything into account. You need to research the market and identify strong competitors. Then it would help if you did your research on starting a business, which will include looking around at how other companies operate and finding out what works well.

You need several things to start a florist business, ranging from equipment to premises to experience and relevant skills. Here’s the list of things you will need for your florist venture.

  • Location
  • Funds
  • Equipment
  • Customer service skills, Entrepreneurial skills, to creative skills
  • Stock or inventory
  • Business plan

Skills, Training, and Qualifications

In reality, you don’t necessarily need any formal qualifications or training to start a florist business. Starting can be reasonably relaxed as long as you are driven and believe in your abilities. However, if you want to provide a quality service, you need some formal qualifications and training. Being able to provide fast and exceptional service requires a lot more than just good at making flowers.


The start-up costs of a flower shop can vary greatly depending on the size of your business:

  1. The type of shop you will determine if you need expensive machinery to start up and how extensive your flower collection will need.
  2. The design of your shop will decide whether or not you will need costly advertising materials or whether flower stalls will be able to attract enough customers to justify investing in costly advertising.
  3. The cost of electricity differs depending on where you are located and whether you plan on using a high amount of electricity during peak hours.

As well as these costs which are directly related to running a business, there are times when you may incur charges from suppliers or contractors. Managing costs is one of the challenging tasks to do in starting a business. However, you may use a UK corporate service provider platform to help you do these tasks.

Many people consider the cost of decorating your home when thinking about location-independent business start-ups. However, this can be one of the most over-estimated costs if you plan to sell your goods online without having a physical presence in your target market.


Geography is an essential factor when choosing a business location. However, it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to choose a specific place and exclude others. After all, there will always be customers who want to find a particular store, even if they can’t physically get there. Therefore, when choosing your business name, make sure that it will appeal to customers regardless of where they are. If you’re choosing a location for your flower shop, you should think about giving customers an option of traveling to your shop.

Registration Process

The registration process for a sole trader isn’t as complex as you might think. You’ll be asked to present some data about yourself (your nationality, domicile, and assessment center). Once you’ve done this, you’ll be sent to an online form where you can fill in the appropriate information about your business and submit it. You also use a guide to company registration in the United Kingdom platform to help you on your journey of starting a florist business in the United Kingdom.

License and Permits

Although selling flowers doesn’t require a license, there may be other aspects of your business that do, such as:

  • You must obtain the appropriate permissions if you sell or deliver alcoholic drinks to ac
    company floral arrangements
  • You need to get clearance from the local authority highways department if you put an advertising board or display units on the pavement outside your shop
  • Playing background music in your shop will require you to get a Music Licence from PPL PRS Ltd.


Retail businesses have a range of duties concerning their consumers. Their main concern must be providing an environment that enables business growth and expansion. Clients have a right to assume that all services and products they purchase will deliver what they expect and deserve. Therefore, retail outlets must act in their consumers’ best interests by developing relations with customers to encourage them to interact with businesses through informed shopping decisions.

Employment Legislation

If you’re starting a florist business, you need to assess the level of protection provided by local employment legislation. Each area of legislation has specific rules about fair pay, time off (if provided), redundancy, pay rates, etc. There is also legislation that governs your workplace and protection against unfair dismissal claims. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the relevant legislation when approaching your circumstances.

Fire, Health & Safety

You have to comply with safety and fire safety and workplace health legislation.


Seek a trusted insurer or insurance broker and explain exactly how your business will operate. You may also use United Kingdom company incorporation services platforms to know more about this matter. This includes:

  • goods in transit
  • cold room storage malfunction
  • business interruption
  • premises, premises contents, and stock
  • cash
  • employers liability
  • public liability
  • motor insurance

Starting a Florist Business in the United Kingdom