Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Bar Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Bar Business in the United Kingdom It’s finally Friday night. End of a long working week, and you’re finally ready to unwind. Where do you go for a bit of refreshment and to spill the latest news to your friends? To the bar, of course! All across the world, people enjoy going to bars and getting drinks. There are a plethora of bars – sports bars, hotel bars, college bars, wine bars, etc.; what more can you ask for?

Bars have been around for hundreds of years. The oldest bar in the United Kingdom is located in Bolton, was founded in 1251 CE. And it’s still active till today! This shows that bars have been around ever since people found joy over drinking and socializing. People who have reached the legal age of drinking enjoy going to bars. Although bars are not necessarily only for the drinkers, one has to reach a certain age before being able to step into a bar.

If you have always wanted to open up your bar, but you’re not sure where to begin, do not be discouraged. You’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will be exploring starting a bar business in the United Kingdom in no time. So, grab a notepad and a pen, and let’s get started!


What’s a Bar Business?

A bar business provides a hang out-place for people and serves all kinds of drinks, snacks, and refreshments. Bars breathe a vibrant nightlife into quiet towns. It’s where the locals can swing by to drink, dance, or just groove to the music. Even if you are not an alcoholic drinker, bars can still be a great place to hang out and catch up.

People go to the bar for a variety of reasons. One may watch a game, meet their friends, have a blind date, or simply, for a change of scenery. It’s a social setting where everyday people get to relax, break out of a monotonous routine, and have their favorite beverage. It’s the perfect setting for both extroverts and introverts. There’s no pressure to talk – one can go to the bar alone and vibe with the ambiance.

Every bar is different from the next – it’s almost as if bars have their unique personality. From having chunky jukeboxes to pool tables, darts, pinball machines, and live music, bars’ main goal is to attract clients and ensure they have a great time. The only limit to having your starting a bar business is your imagination.

Setting up a bar business is a whole lot of fun. However, it requires much work to do. Nowadays, many new businesses engage with the local company incorporation services to get their companies off the ground. Oftentimes, these incorporation services have a package for almost every situation. Therefore, if you need a more hands-on deck, you can opt to consult with a company incorporation personnel.


Getting Your Bar Business Registered

Let’s get down to the fundamentals of starting a bar business. First things first, you must have answered a few questions, such as:

  1. What type of establishment will my bar business be?
  2. What will my business be serving?
  3. What name am I going with for my bar business?
  4. Who will be my target clients?
  5. Where will I be setting up my business?

Having clarity to these questions is immensely important, given how these factors will help you accomplish your bar business in the near future. Knowing what type of business and what you will be serving within your premises matters. This is due to the UK’s law where several ingredients, such as alcohol, dairy, and meat in a commercial setting require licenses to serve. Plus, understanding the food industry and local law will enable you to go through paperwork seamlessly, saving you time.

Next, you must not only determine what you’ll be naming your bar – you have to check that other businesses do not take your choice of name. Try being flexible and have backup name choices if another company already trademarked the name you want. Do not overlook this step; you can be penalized if you’re guilty of using a trademarked name.

Aside from that, doing market research before setting up your bar business is crucial. You should know the demographics of the desired location like the back of your hand. Through this, you will understand what your target clients can and cannot afford. Plus, you’ll know what are reasonable prices to put on your menu. In the meantime, you can also read about company registration in the United Kingdom to increase your knowledge on how forming a company works here.


The Licenses and Permits You’ll Be Needing

There are an array of licenses you will need before starting a bar business. One of the essential licenses you will need is a premise license and a personal license. A premise license allows you to serve alcohol on your premises legally. You can apply for this license with the local licensing authority.

In conjunction with that, you need to apply for a personal license. This license authorizes the sale of alcohol in a bar. However, the personal license does not necessarily have to be applied by the owner of the business. Any qualified member of the staff can apply for it. Additionally, the UK law requires a designated premises supervisor (DPS), who will be responsible for the bar’s operations and authorize the alcohol sale. He or she must possess a personal license.

Aside from that, you may need to apply for a tv license and TheMusiclicense, if you have entertainment plans for your bar. Depending on what you want for your bar, there may be more licenses you need to apply for. Also, remember to keep your licenses at the bar. If your original copy has been damaged, then you need to get it replaced.


Start Your Bar Business Today

Suppose you wish to focus on your business’s core competencies and want to leave the registration process to professionals. In that case, you can try reaching out to the company registration in the United Kingdom. A comprehensive corporate service provider will swiftly assist you in setting up your business for a cost-effective fee. From meticulously filling in your applications, sending them in, trademarking the bar’s name, and its renewing licenses – can be done for you in a jiffy!

Starting a Bar Business in the United Kingdom

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