Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Butchers Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Butchers Business in the United Kingdom In the United Kingdom, you have two options for starting a business. You can either start one from scratch, or you can buy and take over an existing business. Either way, you will benefit from the help of a United Kingdom company registration services provider like 3E Accounting.

Before beginning any sort of business, it is prudent, to begin with as much research as you can. Picking a name for the business and deciding on your location is just one part of the process. There is a lot more research that goes on before you can even commence the registration part of the process.

Some examples of what your areas of research should cover include the following:

  • Your location
  • Who your target audience is
  • Deciding what type of meat you would like to sell and to whom
  • Gauging your demand estimation

Your research will be the key to successfully starting a butchers business in the United Kingdom. A lot of businesses tend to fail because they don’t fully know what they are getting themselves into. This way, you ensure that you’re jumping in with your eyes wide open.


What A Butcher’s Business Involves

A butcher is someone who sells animal meat to customers. In addition to selling the meat, they may also slaughter the animals and dress their flesh too. A butcher is someone who may also be involved in any combination of the three tasks above. If you were planning on starting a butcher’s business in the United Kingdom, this is what you will be involved in.

The butcher may sell their meat to wholesalers or retailers, depending on the target market you are serving. Some butchers may be self-employed, while others could be employed by supermarkets, grocery stores, fish markets, or even slaughterhouses. A butcher would sell different cuts of meat and poultry, depending once again on the target demographic that is being served.


The Business Registration Process

Once you’ve finalized your research and you’re confident you’ve chosen the right name and location for your business, it is time to move on to step two. This would be the business registration process. If you are not originally from the United Kingdom, you will benefit a lot from the help of a United Kingdom company incorporation services provider like 3E Accounting. We will guide you from start to finish so you will never have to feel lost at any stage of the process.

Essentially, the business registration is going to involve the following steps:

  • Research, choosing, and registering your new business name
  • Selecting your preferred legal structure
  • Collecting all your documents and prepare for the registration process
  • Prepare and finalizing your business plan
  • Ensure you have the funding needed. The funding should be able to last your business for at least six months or more.
  • Buy the equipment you will need to run your business
  • Sort out the necessary licenses and permits (if needed)
  • Organize a professional services provider like 3E Accounting to handle your taxes


Licenses and Permits Needed

Before you can commence starting a butchers business in the United Kingdom, you must ensure that you meet the basic requirements listed under the Food Hygiene Regulations 852/2004. These regulations stipulate that clean premises are needed to minimize airborne contamination, among other things. Your corporate service provider in the United Kingdom will be able to help you clarify all the requirements that must be met.

Part of the regulations also entails that your business premise must allow for good hygiene practices to take place. Where possible, your business must have a suitable temperature-controlled handling area. In short, the food preparation area and the utensils and equipment used must always be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Per the lay in the United Kingdom, if your business involves the handling of fish, meat, dairy, or egg products, you may require approval from your local council. It is up to the council to decide if you require a permit or not. Generally, if food is less than 25% of your overall trade, you don’t need a permit if you sell directly to retailers or to the public. You also don’t need a permit if you don’t handle any wild game meat or if you are not selling food outside your business’s country of origin.

If your butchers business does need a license, follow the local council’s rules within your area about how the license should be displayed.


Ready to Launch Your Business?

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Starting a Butchers Business in the United Kingdom