Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Golf Driving Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Golf Driving Business in the United KingdomThe golf driving range gets most of its demand from people needing a much convenient and less intimidating place to learn or play golf. Golf driving ranges are much less overwhelming, what with it being less open to the elements and intimidating spectators. Accordingly, more than 50% of those who are interested in golf would rather go to golf driving ranges than in golf courses. So if you’re still debating about starting a golf driving business in the United Kingdom, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

If your hesitations come from thinking of the risks of the business failing, there are lots of ways you can control some of those risks. The startup operations, for example, should be effective to attract and retain a solid customer base so it can sustain the business. And to achieve this, you need to get the right kind of support, so you can focus on the more important aspects.

We want to be a part of that support, so we’ve gathered some of the most useful information on starting a golf driving business in the United Kingdom. Here is the guide on starting a golf driving business in the United Kingdom, which explains the industry practice, business registration, licenses, and permits.


What Is a Golf Driving Business

Golf driving ranges are establishments that offer golfers facilities to practice their swings without having to go across the length of a golf course. It can be indoors or outdoors and sometimes comes with snack bars, restaurants, and golf equipment retail shops. It appeals to all ages, from the youngsters who want to learn to the old folks who love the sport. With technology and a good promotional strategy, you can make a golf driving business that people would anticipate going to.

Golf driving businesses play a big role in getting people interested in the sport. Darren Scholes, a professional golf coach, says that driving ranges are essential in developing the public’s interests in golf with its all-inclusive and relaxed environment. As opposed to the private golfing clubs, driving ranges are much less intimidating to newbies and thus more likely to attract them to return for another try. Some golf driving establishments even offer individual and group coaching to accelerate their learning.

Moreover, golf driving businesses’ financial performance is proportional to the popularity of the sport and the economy. The economic uncertainty over Brexit negotiations in 2016 led people to refrain from non-essential activities and thus reduced driving range activities. However, the increased television coverage of the sport added more awareness to golf and its appeal. To sustain this, the industry is now starting to reshape the image of golf by making it more accessible rather than keeping it as a high-profile sport.

Various organizations help the public and entrepreneurs keep up to date with the industry’s development. The Organisation of Golf Range Operators (OGRO) provides trade magazines and other guides to starting golf ranges and their patronizers. The Golf Range Finder helps support small and medium-sized golf driving businesses by offering a free-of-charge listing in their online directory of UK golf ranges. Finally, the UK Golf Federation gives representation to commercial golf facilities in industry campaigns and strategies.


What Do I Need to Start a Golf Driving Business?

Skills and Experience

You don’t need any specific degree to start a golf driving business. However, you still need the right qualifications to give the business a certain advantage. For example, you need to at least be a golfer so you can identify the needs of your customers and the golfing community. Additionally, you need to have management experience so you can hire, train and direct the right people for different roles. Lastly, you need to be aware of golfing trends and market behaviors, so you can adapt your strategies well to changes.

Ideal Location

Choosing the right location for your golf driving range needs lots of consideration. That is, you need to be within proximity to a large local population. It also has to have good roads that can carry high traffic movement. You may consider setting up near a golf course as this will indicate the popularity of the sport in the area. Then people will have an option between long sunlit courses and a shaded and relaxed driving range.


Your costs will vary depending on your chosen location. Starting a driving range in a metropolitan area requires bigger capital as property rates are high. Outdoor ranges are also much less costly than indoor ones. If you go for a basic golf driving business with low tech and minimal facilities, around £72,000 capital will suffice. Further, you also have to expect expenses for maintenance, cleaning, and repairs once operation commences.

Marketing Strategy

A golf driving business can earn a minimum of £30,000 a year. Driving ranges earn through charging for the use of golf balls and teeing ground where they play. To make your business more profitable, you have to attract new customers and offer existing ones with loyalty programs and referral rewards. To attract new customers, you can employ common marketing techniques like social media, website, print, and radio marketing.


How to Register a Golf Driving Business?

Starting a golf driving business in the United Kingdom is very costly. To protect yourself, the business, and your capital, you can always get insurance to get coverage. However, another way to protect yourself is to set the business as a limited company. The process of incorporation creates an artificial entity- the business, which then causes the separation between owners and the company. So in cases of rough economies, the law gives your private properties protection, and the business a way to minimize your losses.

To set up as a limited company, you have to file for a United Kingdom company registration with the Companies House. In the process, you are required to choose a company name and declare company information. Some of the information you have to carefully think about are registered address, company director, and shareholders. Then you have to submit the articles and memorandum of association containing the details of how your company will run.

There are professionals who can complete the tasks for you, so you don’t have to stress about this and plan the business. You can also acquire company incorporation services in the United Kingdom if you have issues with your case. The firm can also offer other services like corporate secretary and temporary company address services to support your startup.


Licenses and Permits in Starting a Golf Driving Business

Starting a golf driving business needs planning permission. As ranges can pose concerns about light pollution, you need to consult first with planning authorities. To meet planning requirements, you can include sufficient screenings at the edges of the area. Additionally, you may also add perimeter fencing in the design plans to protect neighboring properties, especially residential ones.

Furthermore, if the business also has a retail department for selling golf equipment, you have to adhere to the legislation covering retail outlets. If you play background music, you need to get a music license from PPL PRS Ltd. and pay their annual fees. If you also want to sell food, you have to register with your local environmental health department. Additionally, you have to comply with the hygiene regulations under the Food Safety Act. Because you will be hiring staff for the operations, you must follow the employment legislation in terms of recruitment, grievances, dismissal, and benefits.

There may be more legal aspects you have to follow. To be sure, you can go directly to your local authority and inquire about other permits you have to get. Or you may contact your UK corporate service provider for more information about the industry and local regulations.


Incorporate a Golf Driving Business in the UK

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Starting a Golf Driving Business in the United Kingdom

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