Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Tattoo Studio Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Tattoo Studio Business in the United KingdomYou must have a fair share of creativity and an excellent eye for detail. And it’s a great opportunity for tattoo artists like you to perform aesthetics inside a studio. Starting a Tattoo Studio Business provides a for-profit room profession, perfect for expressing your creative passion for body art. So, what are the founding prerequisites needed? Here’s a start-up guide for beginners. Learn some valuable tips as well as the technicalities for a fully operating room.


What Is a Tattoo Studio Business?

It provides a wide array of tattoo services, injecting ink under the skin and pigmenting colors permanently. Clients could choose their own design or scheme, while tattoo artists could offer advice for the overall look. Though it is not limited to the ink itself, starting a tattoo studio business could also comprise laser removal services, maintenance, modification assistance.

Regardless of skill or interest, the tattoo industry has been open to aspiring entrepreneurs that are diligent in learning. It requires a series of training, certification and acknowledgment, and professional guidance before establishing a studio and/or forming teams.


Why Should I Start a Tattoo Studio Business?

Unlike other trends and waves of people’s taste in fashion, the tattoo industry has persisted for centuries. A conventional vogue that has become more widely accepted in the succeeding generations. According to Inkably, the United Kingdom, in fact, is the most tattooed nation in the world with an estimated worth of $50 billion (£38 billion). Sectors that provide in the involvement of inks in the skin have also regenerated growth value. This includes skin products, the supply industry, and more tattoo-related commodities.

People get tattoos as a form of expression—having unique and exciting designs that could be sentimental or a sort of creative statement. The long narrative and existence of tattoos have been recognized as permanent markings with the status of different symbols of art. Hence, pursuing a tattoo studio business opens doors for creative ideas, healing, and art. Predominantly, tattooing is a service that cannot be simply outsourced. It is a growing industry.

While talent is a driving factor in opening this business, you don’t necessarily have to become a tattoo artist to run a thriving tattoo studio business. However, it is crucial to forming a team of professional and experienced artists willing to provide clients quality work. Make sure that each one of them is licensed to avoid forecasted business pitfalls. Contact us for more details in terms of the specifics in incorporating your company.


Tattoo Studio Business Registration Process

Regardless of your studio type, ownership nature, and services to provide, tattoo businesses require UK company registration. You could register either as a sole trader, partnership, or limited company, depending on the size and type of your company. You’ll need to prepare the details about yourself and the premises of your establishment. An inspection follows it in compliance with the sanitation and security assurance.

If you’re planning to change some details in your work premises, there are chances that you may need to reapply for registration. Accordingly, here are some of the circumstances.

  • Relocating your tattoo studio business
  • Introduction of a new person to manage or operate the shop
  • Adds new services excluded in the initial documents

Note that you need to renew your license regularly. And be careful about keeping records of details of your studio as you would need it for the annual accomplishment report. It would be best to coordinate with a United Kingdom corporate service provider to ensure you’re complete with the legal requirements in assuring swift operation long-term.


Tattoo Studio Business Licenses and Permits Needed

You would have to connect with organizations and local councils to license your business fully. The procedures in permitting tattoo business are subject to stricter regulations, and it is considered illegal to perform tattoos without a license by the authority. These essential documents are to be displayed in your studio in compliance with the bylaws. Usually, aside from tattooing, the following are covered by the licensing procedure:

  • Cosmetic piecing
  • Semi and permanent skin coloring
  • Acupuncture
  • Electrolysis
  • Micro-pigmentation

Other implications and permits:

  • Cosmetic body piercing, ear piercing (if applicable)
  • Comply with the health and safety, fire legislation
  • Employment legislation
  • Insurance for the tattoo studio

Along with the permits and licenses, you need to be compliant with the laws are insurance, health and safety procedures, and age consent. Otherwise, you could be held liable for fines and even jail sentences. Hence, make sure to secure your company some leading and reliable company incorporation services to help you out with the prerequisites of starting a tattoo studio business, especially in terms of health and safety departments.


Laws and Ordinances Related to Tattoo Studio Businesses

In the present, operating a tattoo business is subjected to disciplinary actions. Aspiring entrepreneurs must hold valid credibility that serves as grounds before servicing. As evident, tattoo-related and regulatory UK laws apply to all tattoo artists whether you work in a studio or provider of service at client’s residences.

You might want to check out these articles addressing general tattooing procedures in the United Kingdom, as per the Health and Safety Regulatory Compliance Environmental:

  • The Tattooing of Minors Act 1969
  • The Supply of Machinery (Safety) (Amended) Regulations place
  • The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
  • The Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations
  • The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 (Licensing of Skin Piercing and Tattooing)

If you’re looking for cost-efficient and professional assistance in starting a tattoo studio business in the United Kingdom, then we are the right ones for you. 3E Accounting is internationally recognized for providing corporate solutions. Let the professionals handle your formation process in pursuit of a successful operation of firms.

Starting a Tattoo Studio Business in the United Kingdom