Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Barbershop Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Barbershop Business in the United Kingdom The barbershop has always been, in some ways, a cornerstone of modern society. That is where one can find out the latest haircuts, fashion and follow the latest trends. For some men, barbershops go as much to become the center for conversation and a sense of community. Good barbershops in any part of the UK are in high demand, especially nowadays, as men tend to take care of their appearance even more. As the need for more barbershops for men is increasing, barbershop businesses are blooming and thriving, and you can be in on it too!

Unlike a hairstyling salon, barbershops have generally been mainly for men. However, they cater to people of all ages, from children to the elderly. Typically, barbershops would cut and style men’s hair and beards, but many encourage women to get their haircut there too. To those interested in finding out how to start a barbershop business in the UK, this is a must-read!

Unless they are a business chain, most barbershops are distinctly different. As an entrepreneur, you have to consider some things having goals on how your barbershop will look like. You must have an idea of how you would want your business to evolve in the future. Your company’s size, location, equipment, labor-power, capital, and other miscellaneous costs must be decided ahead of time.

Despite the public mindset that starting a barbershop in the United Kingdom is difficult, it is easier than one might think. We can help you begin your barbershop business in the UK, regardless of whether you live here or plan to. This article will delve into the business registration process, the licenses needed, and where you can find more help starting your business in the UK. You can read this guide to company registration in the United Kingdom for additional information too!


What Is a Barbershop?

Nowadays, people get their haircuts at either barber shops or hair salons. Unless you know someone skilled at cutting hair, you’re likely to have gotten a haircut at a barbershop. Men who have a clean-cut head of hair will be more likely to be perceived as professional and competent. Most men will be able to go to the barbershop at least once a month to get their haircut. It can also be a place where one can hang out and relax.

The hair and beauty industry generated over 7.5 billion pounds in 2017, and this number has been steadily growing. There has been a massive growth in the hair industry over the last five years. This should be of no surprise, as fashion trends have evolved over the years and people are flocking to stay stylish. However, the process of starting and maintaining a barbershop business may not be as smooth as one might expect.

As an entrepreneur, you must take numerous aspects into account. This includes steady income to finance your business and officially registering your barbershop. You will need to make sure your shop is compliant with all the necessary permits in the country. If the thought of getting the registration work done makes you break a cold sweat, you can opt to contact a corporate service provider in the UK instead.

In order to start a barbershop business, one has to consider the costs it will take. First of all, if you do not have a barber certificate, you will have to apply for one. Another factor that you will have to consider is the cost of the barbershop retail space. The success of a barbershop is partly determined by the location. Space must be located in a place where most people can access it with ease. Although as a business owner, you must realize that the cost will depend on the location you choose.


Breaking Into the Barber Shop Industry

Starting a barbershop is no easy task as there are plenty of matters that need to be overlooked correctly. If you are passionate about starting your own barbershop business, it can also be a rewarding line of work. While you may have an idea of how you want your business to look, it’s essential to know the steps you need.

The first thing to consider when starting a business in the UK is to officially register your company. It is the first step in your path to becoming an entrepreneur. Starting a barbershop still here business in the UK will require you to develop a business proposal and, if necessary, a loan. And before you do that, you need to have a business operating license.

You will also need a barbershop license. Check with your local council so that they can monitor your premises and ensure you’re following health and safety rules. They will hand you your registration license after you pay a small fee to your local council. Once you have received your operating license, you will need to easily put it on display to be seen by the customers. If you need extra hands on deck, check out company incorporation services in the United Kingdom.


License and Permits You Will Need

As a barbershop business owner, you will need a few things to do before you officially open. Most businesses will register their company under the limited liability companies (LLC). The LLC will allow business owners to protect their personal assets, taxes, and debts limited only to the company. You will need insurance for your business as well, should anything awful happen to your business.

Before starting your business, you will need to attend a barber school to learn everything you need to be a barber. You will need to register for your business license, get a permit and a barber certificate before starting your journey. Different regions have different licenses. You can contact your local corporate service providers to know more about what you might require.


So, What Are You Waiting For?

It is easy to plan about starting a barbershop business, but it’s starkly different when executing and starting a business in the UK. For this reason, some budding entrepreneurs find it challenging to begin without having the proper knowledge and tips. So get as much detail and information that you will need. And if you need a hand, we can assist you at 3E Accounting!

Starting a Barbershop Business in the United Kingdom


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