Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Caravan Site Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Caravan Site Business in the United KingdomWhat Is a Caravan Site Business?

If you are starting a caravan site business, you should know that it takes hard work, dedication, organization, and perseverance. Even if owning a leisure business can be attractive, it must be seen as a business venture. Before going for this business opportunity, there should be a business plan, investors, and think about sales, revenue, and marketing. If you have the courage to do so, you should find out more and read this article to gain knowledge. You can check this information on United Kingdom company Incorporation.

This guide to company registration UK is all you need, so make sure to take note of everything. There are a couple of steps you need to follow, which we will provide in detail.


Trends in a Caravan Site Business

Holiday Caravan Sites

Caravanning is a very popular activity for static caravans that are used for holiday homes. In fact, owners have increased since the trend started in the 2000s. During this time, there is always an increase in how many touring caravans are produced and how many motorhomes are registered. The popularity of caravan holidays is still increasing.

Even if there is consistently poor summer weather during the latter parts of the 2000s and 2010s and a minimal increase in overseas holidays, it seems that the domestic holiday increased significantly.

Park Homes for Residents

Based on the government research that was carried out during the early 2000s, there are just under 70% of elderly residents in the park home. A lot of park home residents have low income and already put funds into purchasing their park homes by selling their previous small properties. Park homes are well-known because they are compact, maintenance is easy, and cheap to operate.


How to Register Your Caravan Site Business

The business registration process of a caravan site has a process you need to follow, and this is what you must do:

Apply for site license – Once you find the right spot for your caravan site, you have to first get a license, which you must apply for. The UK law requires any site owner to have a license if they get at least 5 acres and three caravans on the website. However, it should last for more than 28 days a year. You do not need a license if you are part of a caravan club and have a caravan exemption certificate. The information on UK company incorporation found here is what you need.

There are conditions that might have a connection to the license, and they are:

  • Restrict when the caravans can land on the site for human habitation or limit how many caravans can be on the site at the same time.
  • Controlling the kinds of caravans they put on the site.
  • How the caravans are positioned while using other structures and vehicles, which include tents.
    To make sure that the steps are right when it comes to land enhancement, including replanting/planting the bushes and trees.
  • The fire safety and firefighting controls.
  • To make sure that facilities, sanitation, services, and equipment have proper maintenance and supplies.
  • You need these to apply for a license:
    • Site plan for a 1:500 scale that shows all the road layouts, facilities, and caravans
    • A new and valid condition of electrical installation report for site distribution to every caravan
    • The site’s fire risk assessment
    • Planning permission copy

You need planning permission – You will need to get planning permission from the local authority if your plan is to operate a commercial caravan website. You should talk to your local council so you can get the application for planning.

The right caravans – After obtaining a license for your caravan site and permission planning, you can already put your attention to looking for the best caravan for your brand-new venture. If the caravan is bigger, you can accommodate more people and make more money. This is so you can give a mixture of sizes and cater to the different needs, wants, and budgets of people.

Cost of the license – There is a fee you need to pay once you submit the application form, and it is only considered once the payment has been received. In addition, once the license has been given, there is a yearly fee that pays the administration cost and license monitoring the team handles.

Rules of the site – The site has rules for residential mobile sites to ensure community cohesion and good site management. It also makes sure that homeowners of mobile homes are aware of the rules applicable to them.


Other Services

A lot of site operators today try to not put all of their eggs in a basket – their sites have residential park homes, holiday caravans, and an area only for caravans, tents, and motor homes. A lot of them offer services that draw visitors in, like restaurants, bars, swimming pools, takeaways, sports equipment for hire swimming pools, and more.

You Should Stay Updated with the Developments.

The caravan site interests are under the organizations including:

  • The National Caravan Council
  • The British Holiday and Home Parks Association
  • The National Park Homes Council (this is a division of the National Caravan Council)

These are what you need to know if you want to set up a caravan site in the United Kingdom. You can ask for help from a corporate service provider in the UK like 3E Accounting United Kingdom because they are experts in helping people with company registration, accounting, and more. You need this, especially if you are new in this industry because these people are going to help you properly set up a caravan business site.

Starting a Caravan Site Business in the United Kingdom

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